Again the ladies wrote the blog. Can’t seem to get any of the men into blog writing. Thursday night – day 3 – after relaxing and sharing no one had energy to get the blog out. We apologize to those who were faithfully watching for it last night. We will endeavour to write about what is happening here on site and over at the church site out to you tonight.

Day 3
A much quieter night – we were all rested and full of a yummy pancake breakfast complete with Canadian Maple syrup. Off to Devotions with Karen, the workers and all the kids. What a wonderful, touching experience – singing and worshipping Our Lord.

The girls proceeded to have a meeting with Karen which left them exhausted. Such hard work to sit around the table and talk.

Exhausted ladies after sitting chatting with Karen

The boys took on the task of constructing the trusses for the church roof – now they did work very hard in 45 degree temperature to finish 13 trusses. Some of the guys (Steve) had duct-taped hands after – due to blisters – not used to hammering in this heat (or hammering at all).

Men hard at word


Lots done but more to be done

The girls were given the task of painting some shelves in Kay Margo – which look beautiful – by the way – a lovely shade of pink (no duct tape was needed).

Robyn & Maddie leaving their painted hand prints everywhere


How many Canadians does it take . . . . .

Then Robyn and Maddy took on the picnic table – and the staple gun proved to be quite the challenge. They were stapling new plastic on top of the bench and top – not an easy task – which ended up taking them all afternoon, phew. Meanwhile, all the little ones were served lunch and did not have a table so, being self-sufficient, they took their bowls and sat on the floor, feeding each other and the older ones watching out for the younger ones – what a lesson for us all.

Aldonna and Carolyn were off to the school to scrape excess concrete off of walls (getting them ready for painting) and then on to the new library to sort books – a very dusty and spider infested room – oohh…(lucky Rich wasn’t given this job).

Aldona & Carolyn preparing sec school for painting

After another spectacular dinner of eggplant/beef stew and rice made lovingly by Germaine and Martha, we hopped into the pick-up truck and headed off the to the Radio Station to visit Luckner who is Karen’s right hand man and who wears many hats.

Trade School – CFPTM & Radio Creole


Team leader, Bob, with Jonathan


Cool cat Jofky


Maddie & Ti Fi

That’s it for today.