Saturday started out with a wonderful pancake breakfast cooked by Karen, even though she was ill and trying not to show it. Soon, however, it could no longer be hidden. We saw very little of her as she slept most of the day away.

Our work day began slowly, however, as the trip to get more supplies at the big plumbing hardware store in Liancourt was delayed with battery difficulties in the truck. After pushing the truck and getting a boost the shoppers were off. A bunch of supplies were purchased and when they did return, we wasted no time in working on fixing bathrooms in the children’s house, and installing new sinks to put the finishing touches on the residence for the new couple that with God’s help will hopefully soon be selected. We were all so blessed to have the kids home with us all day. We had great fun playing soccer and blowing bubbles and skipping rope. We were so happy when Daniel got the water hose out to wash Karen’s truck because we ALL ran under the hose to cool down. Some of us also went for a short walk to the HATS land behind the school to check the progress of the new wall. We passed around some snacks to the Haitian workers and admired their great work. Due to the Cholera outbreak we have to spend our time on the main compound.

Delivering treats to Haitian workers
My turn now Cory En

As you know the majority of our mission team is from the Yarmouth area in Nova Scotia. Well, four people from that group are siblings from one family!!! Daniel, Cory, Amanda and Pernell are the children of Henry and Leota Muise. The biggest reason they are together serving the Lord is because of a praying mother. She did not let a night go by without praying with and for her 4 children. When Gerry presented the opportunity to help his team in Haiti, they were on board immediately….they will never be the same. They are very grateful to have done a small part!

Muise family (What a great bunch)

As you can see Pernell is the tall dark and handsome one of the 4 and he is very humble…. ok ;))

Sunday began another glorious day in Haiti with roosters and sunshine. Gerry was making coffee at 5:15 am and Ti-Luc was the first one in the kitlchen to keep him company. We rise early in Haiti so families should be prepared for that when we return home!! Another present Sunday morning was Marta’s early arrival and a fantastic breakfast omelette and toast before our prayer service at 9am. It was an uplifting service with wonderful music (thanks to Dana Stone on guitar) and the kids singing to guests and the guests singing to the kids. We were all one big happy family easily fitting together after only a few days. Pernell Muise delivered an inspiring sermon (translated by Karen for the employees and children of HATS) that reminded us all not to look at lifes circumstances or to the past or future for guidance, but to look upwards and follow Gods will. It is helping us all come to terms with Monday being our last day here. The church service was a family affair today held on the main compound due to the Chlorea epidemic in the area.

Workteam singing for us

Before our church service we had some photo time – workteam with children, Martha, Antoinette and Magalie and Karen with her kids.

Workteam and HATS family before church
Karen & kids before church service

A wonderful surprise gift that was given to the children this weekend was their very own television for their house!!! You cannot imagine the look of excitement and joy when it was first powered up. They get to watch one movie DVD a week on Saturday nights and they LOVE it. Karen had it for some time but waited for the right time to get it up and running for them.

As Sunday is always a day to relax, we spent the day with the kids just doing whatever they wanted. The men fashioned hockey sticks for the older guys and we even got to watch a shootout. Canadian Ice Hockey watch out. Haitian Cement Hockey is moving up quickly.

Haitian Cement Hockey

We finished our Sunday by enjoying a fantastic meal with the workteam and the HATS family all together. Karena was spotted very much enjoying her dinner.

Karena enjoying dinner

Thank you for your prayers for Haiti and its latest serious problem. Please continue to pray as the death toll and people becoming ill continues to rise. There are many more deaths in this area and it has moved to Port au Prince. God bless you all.