Sunday already. Hard to believe. I am sure that this is the hottest day we have had so far. Bob is still fighting with his stomach. He says there seems to be progress but it is slow. I guess that fits right in down here.

We got to go and worship with the children from the orphanage, and others from the village over at the HATS school building. It was a privilege to be there among them worshipping and praising the Lord. Several of the young ladies there sang and everyone of them did a great job. One of the girls that sang (Effranise) was one of the students that Bob and Linda sponsor. Unfortunatly Bob wasn’t feeling well enough to stay and had to leave before she sang. She did just fine. The student we sponsor was also there but she didn’t sing. I hardly understood a word of what was said but I understood the Spirit. The only English was two verses of Power In The Blood which they wanted us blan to sing. Actually I think we were supposed to sing the whole song but they could only stand two verses, took pity on us, and changed back to Creole. Our God is merciful!!

Luckner’s Daughter Baby Singing

After the service Ti Luc got to go and spend some time with Papa Luckner, so he was well pleased. He came back a little later in the day and I got see some of the things he can do with his feet. He is really quite amazing.

Too Tired to Kick again

Ti Luc holding Dieunel

Karen gave Bob some of her special drugs and they really worked. Only problem was he could only walk ten feet before he’d fall down and go to sleep. Took him five hours and seven snoozes before he made it up to the shower. He’s doing better now though. That’s why I’m doing the blog tonight. He looked at the computer screen and fell asleep. We poked him and he woke up, put his hand on the mouse and fell asleep again. Well maybe not quite that bad but you get the picture.

Karen got a little bookwork done today, but its like a drop in the ocean I’m sure. Tomorrow we’re back at it. Hopefully Bob is better and we will keep moving. Tuesday Brian and his group will arrive. Looking forward to meeting them. I hope we’re not scaring them with our blogging.

It rained just enough last night to send Karen and Ti Luc back under cover, but thankfully for the people around PAP that was it. It will be terrible there when the rains arrive. Well I guess that’s all that’s in my head. Maybe Bob’s turn tomorrow night. God Bless.