Hello everyone. Not a good time to need something urgent done. Very difficult to keep workers on the job. A match with Argentina is going to start in fifteen minutes. The construction workers at HATS are not getting time off today. I know that if they are honest they would say that their hearts will be more in what is happening in the game than in the job they are doing. But the work must keep going. Will I feel guilty watching it inside my house while they are working outside? A little, but not enough to let them off work to join me. They had time off to watch the first game with Brazil. Then the second one was on Sunday so that worked out for them. They watch what matches they can at Luckner’s place. Luckner, being the business man he is, has things set up for people to come and pay to watch at his place. He has 2 televisions set up in different areas of his place with benches.

On Friday Brazil plays again so it might only a dream to think the guys will work through that one. Guess I won’t be a meanie on Friday. We will all be watching that game. On Sunday past I had my own little group of Brazil supporters watching the game at my house – Ti Luc, Leica, Moise, JJ and Mirlande and Vladimy. The little kids all searched for some yellow clothing to put on. They did a lot of yelling and dancing as Brazil scored all three goals. Just as they got the 3rd goal the rain started and we lost signal from the satellite. We never did see the other team get a goal but were told about it later. This is rainy season and the rain means no signal for internet or television.

My Brazil supporters

Today, we need a legal paper for Ti Luc signed. Yes, well dream on. There is a match today with Argentina. Forget anything else. Everyone left the court room in Verrettes around 11:30 this morning because this match was going to get underway at 1:30. Luckner said he will go to Verrettes after 5:00 p.m. today and hope to find the people whose signatures he needs at their houses. Tomorrow morning we head to PAP with paperwork and to do some shopping. One thing badly needed tomorrow is a fridge.

I mentioned on the last blog that the last water tank had been moved to its new site. On Saturday Luckner spent 4 1/2 hours in the sun hooking up all plumbing so all four tanks are working well together. How good it is to have that huge job done.

Luckner doing plumbing of the four tanks

With that job finished today another big one got started. The top level of this house that held the four big tanks is now being broken and removed. Two men worked up there in the sun today breaking up the cement. I had to put serious restrictions on the children running in and out of this house. Lots of cement was falling from the roof. Tomorrow the men will return with two extra men so it can go faster. Ti Luc and Leica had helmets on for protection when they went in and out today. They thought that was great fun.

Removing the top level
Soon to be a two level house


Ti Luc -watch out below


Leica preparing to leave the house with Ti Luc

This afternoon we had a delivery of rebar – five tons – so the repair work can move forward on the enclosure walls, with some left for the additional Kid’s Home. We save money by purchasing in large quantities and it will be available when needed. Our repair work has been delayed often due to the unavailability of blocks, rebar, and cement since the earthquake. Shortage of supplies of course means higher prices constantly.

The important thing is the work is continuing and is being done for a very important reason – the children!!

Let us continue our work together “Changing Lives, One Child at a Time”.

I haven’t forgotten the photos of my girls. I will keep my ‘girls day’ for the next blog.

Thank you everyone. Blessings to all.