The true heartfelt thanks to Dickie, Sandra and Jim can not be put into words. Thank you does not cover it. We all loved having them here. We all hated to see them leave. It was a sad morning indeed when we had to watch them leave. Jocelyn and I were thankful to have each other to hold and cry together.

A lot of work had been done – general office work, on the computers for school and in the office, things repaired throughout the mission, new work in Jocelyn’s apartment, and more.

A lot of time was enjoyed with the children. A lot of fun happened between adults, sharing, playing cards, and laughing. We worked and we played together, and time passed too quickly. Before we were prepared they were leaving again.

Thank you so very much Dickie, Sandra and Jim. God bless you and keep you until next time. We await your return.


Dickie and Ti Dickie

Transfer of Dickie, Sandra, and Jim from van to truck to go to Port with Luckner

Dickie and Ti Dickie

Mr Computer

Love gift to sponsored student


Tied up, kept out of mischief

Beautiful metal art received from a dear friend

Enjoying time with Sandra

Off to Poppa’s

Great concentration in the office

Repairs to screen door

Beautiful morning walk

Shower rod for Jocelyn

Time to go home