Yesterday lots of work was done. When the time arrived for workers to finish and go home to their families, instead they stayed on and worked another 7 hours. Some arrived at 7:00 a.m. and helped unload the cement truck. Worked all day. Then worked again from 4:30 to 11:30 p.m. The bridge entrance to the mission’s main compound was rebuilt last night. The level was raised so the water would no longer run into the compound. By 11:30 last night everyone was covered with mud and cement and extremely overtired. This morning the final touches were put on the new bridge. Today they started to work on removing the huge gate. That will continue again tomorrow.

Lots left to do and getting dark


 Pouring of cement on bridge to compound late at night


11pm. All covered in cement. Luckner checking it out

Mariah saw all the work that needed to be done last night and wanted to help. She found a wheelbarrow that could not stand up by itself but could be pushed around. She worked hard for more two hours wheeling lots of rocks, sand, and gravel from one area of the compound to the big gate area where the cement work was going on. She was a tremendous help. She out ran the young men who were doing similar work. At 11:30 p.m. when work was almost finished she sat on the cement in front of depot and leaned against a wall. She was instantly asleep. She did not stir when I took the photo. Thought for awhile I might have to try to carry her to my house. Now that would have been an interesting sight.

Mariah helping with construction work at night


Almost midnight. Mariah sat down and asleep immediately


We’ve raised the bridge level this much

Thanks to Liette for her suggestion of a name for our new little one. We are calling her Tayanna and I think we call her after Mariah as her second name. Mariah is a great Ti Mama for her. Mariah is also a blessing to Ti Luc who adores her too.

Ti Mama Mariah, Ti Luc & Tayanna

Ti Luc loves to have Tayanna around but does not like it when she is in Poppa’s arms. He, however, does not mind his mama or Mariah holding the baby as he likes to call her.

Poppa Luckner with Tayanna & Ti Luc

Today we had a visit from John Chew and his three boys. They brought clothes to bless our children and left others with which we will bless children in our area. John, Annie, and their boys, Samuel, Josue and Emile are in the process of moving back to Haiti from the US. Samuel and Josue used to be playmates of Mariah after she was adopted, by my Liette, but still living in Haiti. Nice for them to be able to connect again after thirteen years.

Samuel, Josue & Emile Chew & Mariah with our kids


Mariah with Samuel, Josue & Emile Chew

Tomorrow Luckner, Mariah, and I, along with our trusty police escort, Daniel, are off to PAP airport to meet a lady, Beate, from Ontario. Hopefully next blog you can hear from her.

Registration for our school is happening this week. In other years it was held in the school compound but under a tree that offered shade. It has to be held inside this year due to all the water on the compound. Before school opens we will be needing some truck loads of gravel spread in the yard.

I have not forgotten my promise to do a blog about my girls. You will have photos and a little info on them soon.

Our family is growing slowly and I like it that way. We are a family. I want to keep the number of children to a maximum of 16-18 so we can remain ‘a family’. We will continue, too, to help children who are able to live with extended family outside the HATS compound.

We are here for the children. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN.

Blessings. Karen