Our unfinished church building is already a blessing.  It will be even more so when it is done and we have proper seating, etc.

Thank you to one and all who helped with this project.  Yesterday we used it for the first time – for a school event.  Can’t use it for church yet as the desks that were carried there for yesterday’s event have to be taken back for school classes.

You will see from these photos that HATS-Haiti truly is  –

HATS kids only on Day 1


Gwo Chef JJ having the girls do most of the work


Day 2 of preparing our church building for Flag Day


Day 2 -Another gwo chef telling young student how to do the work


Desks being brought over from the school. Oh happy day when the building is finished and we have proper benches


Students ready for the march. The band members in blue on the left will lead them a fair distance in our area


Sandra & Jonathan wanting to know how Papa Luckner makes the music come out of the speakers


Luckner talking about the importance of the Haitian flag


This unfinished church building is a blessing already


Mariah did a good job of teaching the girls two dances in a short time


HATS kids danced at Flag Day too


Sandra, who learned the dance moves from Mariah had stage fright. Jonathan could do it too but he would not even go forward.


Preschool kids had fun dancing too