Karen, Luckner, Daniel and Pastor Dave and Jessica left about 6:00 AM this morning to take them to the airport and for Karen to get some shopping done in Port Au Prince. We have accomplished some things but both Dickie and Jim had a rest this afternoon. Dickie has been working since 6 o’clock on stuff! I did some computer work for Karen and Jim was helping Dickie and working on Karen’s computer.

Beautiful flowers everywhere

Germaine has been looking after both Dickie and Jim as they have been under the weather…making special juices for them etc. Today she made ginger tea for Jim, then later she gave him a drink of squeezed limes and salt! I would have liked the ginger tea BUT Jim could keep the lime and salt.

He has a sore throat and raspy voice and she is determined to get him back to normal…well, as normal as Jim can be.

We got to take a snack for our children to recess at the school today. Jim was swarmed by the little kids and at one point I heard “Sandra help” and I didn’t even have a camera!

Ti Luckner during recess


This young fellow was intrigued by Jim for some reason.

Just heard from Karen 4:15 pm and they were on the way home and were retying the mattress to the truck! Hopefully they will arrive before dark.

Luckner & Daniel tying mattress unto truck again

Ti Luc has a keyboard that he uses with his feet and today he wanted to show me how he could use it so after lunch we spent a little over an hour on it. He is good.

Yesterday we had a little mishap here …… first a tap got kicked and broke so the water needed to be turned off and in doing so the shut off valve, that was shut off with great vigor, broke and we had water spurting everywhere from the second floor over the stairs and on the back wall.
Jim put on his swimming trunks and was first in the line of fire with Pastor Dave assisting. It didn’t take long and we were back in business again. The pictures are all on Dickies camera and we have no cord or reader that will connect to his camera so just use your imagination. (Just picture Pastor Dave standing behind a beached beluga whale on a ledge with wrenches in hand and a 1.25 inch pipe spewing water) We will add some pictures of our little swingers instead.

Swinger number one


Swinger number two

As last night was the last for Pastor Dave and Jessica we took glow sticks down to the children’s home and after devotions we all went outside in the dark and had some fun.

fun with glow sticks

As I write this both Dave and Jessica should be in the air…Dave going to Newark and Jessica to Montreal and both will be home tomorrow!

We forgot to mention Dickie scraped his forehead in several places one day and we (Karen and I) had to put iodine on it…we did it for you Don.

The expression tells the story


It has been a long hot day but thankfully a profitable one. I saw Pastor Dave and Jess into the airport 8:30 a.m. They had to wait more than an hour for Air Canada to open, then another 5 plus hours before takeoff.

Pastor Dave and Jess ready to leave Haiti


Now a six hour wait at airport

Luckner and I (with our trusty security, Daniel) ran all over PAP running errands and doing some shopping for the house of our soon to arrive support missionary family – the Reimers.

It was difficult to see Pastor Dave and Jess leave this morning. Luckner and I, however, believe they will both return. They were quite useful but also fun to have around.

Pastor Dave, thank you for finally getting here.  It meant a great deal that you took the time from your personal family and from your church family to come. Yarmouth Wesleyan Church has been a wonderful support for HATS for years, and we had waited and hoped that you would come. You have now seen for yourself what HATS is about here in Haiti. It has been great seeing you with the children, having you join in the day to day running around, fixing things, setting up and putting furniture together in the house for the Reimers, and more importantly joining in morning and
evening devotions, giving the message in church, and blessing many in this area by singing and sharing on Radio Creole.

Jess, thank you, too, for coming. I am really glad you did. We loved having your dad here two years ago and now have appreciated and enjoyed having you as well.Your parents did something right when bringing you up. Thanks for your help in so many areas. Thanks for being willing to jump in wherever and whenever needed.

Pastor Dave and Jess – thank you from all of us at HATS. You came, you accepted, you did, you gave, you supported, you encouraged, you laughed, you cried, you prayed, you blessed.

Hopefully I will see you both in July.