Just a quick blog to say that we are here safe and sweaty.. or sound, how does the saying go again?

At HATS there is never a dull moment, traveling here is just the same.  We left St John’s at six am this morning where the fog was so thick you couldn’t see the tip of your nose.  We were worried we wouldn’t get out but we managed to fly through it!  When we arrived in Montreal we found out our flight would be delayed by over an hour.  Can anyone guess which airline we used?!  That’s right..  Air Canada. If anyone wonders… it’s also Karen’s favourite because its so reliable (not… It is always delayed). By the time we actually left we were just over two hours behind schedule!  We were a little worried that we wouldn’t get to HATS until after dark.. luckily Luckner and Karen didn’t come get us so the drive was a little shorter than normal. I’m not positive but I think the van may have taken flight a couple times… We only ran about a dozen motos off the road and that always makes it a successful day.

We managed to arrive safely to a very excited and special welcoming committee. We said a quick hello and then got supper.  Germaine is an angel… she knew exactly what to make for us, chicken, rice and beans and salad. (We may have special ordered). Supper was filled with laughter and many of Aunt Karen’s infamous stories. We then got to say a quick goodnight to the kids before we get organized ourselves.

They have arrived


Jennifer, Magdala, and Jennifer’s godson, Judel


Jocelyn and Sandra

We are lucky though.. there’s a very nice breeze outside now and its pouring rain so that should ease some of the humidity. I tried to go out and enjoy the downpour but it slowed when I went outside!  I took it as a sign from God to finish the blog and go to bed so that we can be well rested for a busy day tomorrow.

You’ll hear more from us soon!

~J & J