Hot, sticky, wet, and complete chaos in airport… yup, hmmm I’m back in Haiti. The baggage claim area was packed with lots of people trying to get their bags and me being short with a short red headed grandma didn’t help our situation to find the bags. Others ended up helping us and we were eventually on our way. Pushing our overloaded carts a very long way through mud, water and pot holes we finally reached the truck. Soaked we climbed in. Before arriving at the compound we received word that the compound and road was flooded. The compound and the school next door was flooded and as me and my grandma Karen waded into the “POOL” it reached our waists.

I’m having a very great time however in spite of all the mud and rain. The market on Wednesday was crowded but very interesting and fun. Having a great time with the kids and Ti Luckner. Ti Luckner is improving a lot and memorizing tons of school work. I am working with him and he is very smart. Trying to help my grandma with lots of things. Just hoping the weather will maybe clear up by next week so we can get some soccer action going on!

Home from market


Finished school work, let’s rest


 Playing chase with Ti Luc & Leica

Bye for now.