It’s Sunday; so after church and a short road trip to Luckner’s store its party night! Vladimy was away over Christmas so to welcome him home we had a HATS party to celebrate. There were balloons, drinks, cake, treats, candy, glow sticks and games. Of course there were gifts too. Vladimy received his Christmas gifts and some welcome home gifts too. An early evening rain shower sent us inside but did not dampen the partiers’ spirits.

The pictures tell the story:

The party


Happy times




Vladimy – Guest of Honour


Happy faces


More happy faces




JJ and Dieumel


looking at photos


Group hug


Christmas gifts


Welcome home gifts


Mom and son


Dorm Mom Yolene and kids


Dorm Mom Naomie and kids


Party continues inside




Rainy sky


Karen and her family