Yesterday Luckner and I made a fast trip to Port-au-Prince to pick up Mariah who has returned for another four months, Yeah! and her friend, Lucie, who is here for one week. I had just managed to talk my way into the airport to look for them, and try to help, when I heard Mariah call me. They had their luggage and were heading out. We headed quickly to the truck where Luckner was waiting, loaded the luggage, and headed off.

The young ladies are in Haiti

It was nice to be able to take a second photo of the girls – this time in the truck and excited about heading home.

Driving home from the airport # 1

Enroute we encountered an area with extremely high winds, so much so that the truck was not driving properly. We had to drive slower and put windows down so the wind could go through instead of pushing the truck. I could not resist another photo of the girls heading home, this time with a very ‘wind blown’ look .

Driving home from the airport # 2

The kids were, of course, thrilled to have Mariah back and to meet Lucie. Lucie made friends with the children very quickly, and soon they were all over her just as they were with Mariah. Mariah was amazed to see the changes in Jonathan and Sandra – Jonathan has grown a lot, and crawls all over the compound. Sandra was not walking when Mariah left. It was amusing to see Mariah put Sandra down and tell her she would be right back for her. Before Mariah would take four or five steps Sandra was right behind her, holding unto her, and wanting her attention again. Two months made a big difference in the lives of the two littlest ones.

Mariah and Lucie just arrived

They were on the compound only a short time yesterday before they had the bikes out and were helping the children with bike riding. Some of the children no longer need help but 5 or 6 of them still need support.

Bike riding with the kids

This morning, in very high temperatures, Mariah and Lucie were playing soccer with the children. I impressed upon Lucie the need to take it slower in the heat, drink lots of water, and spend more time in the shade than the sun. I think she had already seen the need to do so.

Soccer with the kids in morning heat

A good job for the girls today, out of the sun, was to outfit the children with ‘sandal dlo’ i.e. crocs that they brought with them. Little Jonathan even got a tiny pair yellow ones. He has not had shoes before and he did his best to get those things off his feet.

Jonathan, Karena and Jofky in new Crocs

We were at the school this morning watching the pouring of cement floors in the classrooms. Upon returning I see little Sandra standing outside the door to Mariah’s place, saying “Riah, Riah”. Just too cute.

Sandra outside Mariah’s door saynig – Riah, Riah

I was glad today to once again be able to say to someone “Mariah will help with that.” “Mariah could you please take care of so and so, or such and such” knowing she could and would do so. I am very thankful to have help again.

It has been a long, tiring, but good day. Goodnight folks. Stay tuned for more of the fun week of Lucie here with Mariah, helping with the children.