It has been a fantastic week with these four ladies. I am glad and thankful they came. They were a lot of fun, helped in many ways, spent a lot of time with the children – in the sun as well as the shade. Too, they spent valuable time with me and were a fantastic encouragement to me. They helped a lot with Ti Luc, and were glad to do so, which was a tremendous blessing to both Germaine and I – not to mention how much Ti Luc loved it.

Beate – you are a gem. You are a special woman and I am very thankful for your friendship. You are an awesome team leader. When you come it is good for all of us on site. Thank you for coming back last week and for bringing Kathleen with you again and bringing Emily and Hannah for the first time. I will see you here again same time next year.

Beate – loved by all the children


Jofky sad as Beate says ‘Bye’

Kathleen – thank you for coming back. You are special and important to us all but especially so to both myself and Ti Luc. Kathleen’s parents already know how highly I think of their daughter. Since she came a year ago for the first time Kathleen has been an important part of HATS-Haiti, and no doubt always will be.

Kathleen -our ‘Special Protective Services’ at HATS


Early morning goodbye with Ti Luc

To the parents of Emily and Hannah – first timers with HATS – you have done a great job with these young ladies. They accepted everything, they were willing to try new things, they were sensitive and caring, they were fun, they were very helpful and . . . . They were loved by all. Thank you Stephen for thinking of me and this mission and sending them to us.

Emily battling tears as she says ‘Bye’


Bye Hannah

It was sad to see them enter the airport but Luckner and I both hope they will return to us again.

Luckner & Beate at airport


Come back please


Bye – really going to miss you guys

HATS-Haiti is truly       ”  ALL  ABOUT  THE  CHILDREN  ”

This team helped us to continue to keep it thus. God bless all of you and thank you again for coming.

~Karen and her team