Every school day the kids head next door to school at 7:30 AM. The preschoolers, staff and volunteers then gather for devotions. After devotions and a short time of socializing, everyone disperses to start their day. There is no list of jobs to do (except for me!!) and all the staff knows what needs to be done. A place like HATS is very well run and there are days like today when the whole operation seems to run on momentum.

The cook cooks……


The gardener gardens…..


The laundry ladies do the laundry…..

Leonard and Madame Saintardieu

The guard guards…..


The barber barbers…..

Moise getting a trim

The directors direct…..

I’m not sure where Karen and Joan have disappeared to… Maybe working from home, or gone for a pedicure or in a meeting. Another good example of HATS running well on momentum.

The preschoolers play

Sonson found a cool piece of concrete to play on

The house mothers clean


And the blogger blogs!!!!!

I just needed a nice mango shake and a quiet place to think about today’s blog!!