Although it’s not officially the rainy season, the rain is coming!  Dashing during the day to move the mosquito tents from the airy yard to the corrugated metal carport is becoming common.  It won’t be long until the water tanks are moved from the third story roof of the main house to their new location and Karen and Alex (Ti Luc) can once again return to their own beds.

The Texas team continues to hold children, throw footballs, sing songs, sew various items, wipe noses, help with Ti Luc at school and at home, pull electrical wire, fix plumbing, scrape calcified tanks, give food and funds to the needy, and enjoy marvelous food.  Yesterday, Martha and Germaine worked about five hours preparing and cooking a delicious traditional Creole meal.  It was well worth the wait!

Brittany Feeding Ti Luc at School

Food Distribution by Ramona

Ramona and Jacques cleaning water tank

Germaine and Marta with bags made by Carrie

In addition to practical physical work, each morning we are invited to share with our Haitian family a time of devotion and prayer unto the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is a joy, too, to worship in the early hours of the day with the HATS school children as they clap, sing and pray before raising the flag.

Ramona, Brittany, and Kids

Ryan with Judel

The Missionary House is looking fabulous. The Haitian workers are skilled craftsmen in rustic masonry and surface coats!  As the Canadian team, the American team and the Haitian workers each do their part, the home promises to be a fine piece of architecture when all is said and done!  Much prayer is being sent up, asking God to bring the perfect couple to help Karen with this marvelous mission.

Electrical wiring, Nolan, David & Garrett

Shane & Garret a break well earned

As our mission nears completion we are once again reminded of how much we have in Canada and the U.S.  It is with grateful hearts we will return to our own homes and families remembering that we are blessed to be a blessing!