Today was a good day! It started with a long, tiring hike up a mountain, but what beautiful views!  As I struggled up, I saw women with giant bags on their heads,
practically running past me with no shoes, on the rocks, and a little boy in his birthday suit also running. I also got to ride in the back of truck. I forgot how scary it was to be in the back of a pickup truck. I thought I was going to fall out at every turn and we weren’t going very fast.
The Modern Day Von Trapps


The Ten Club
On the first day we saw a guy strapped in a recliner in the back of his truck. People can’t go very fast with passengers in the back, and getting over the giant speed bumps is a stomach turner as well In Mexico they call their speed bumps “sleeping policemen “because they are small, but all over. In Haiti they should be swat teams – they are that big! We came home and fired up the sidewalk chalk. I taught an art lesson with the children, including two kids who were visiting – and they loved it. From there another slip and slide episode, ending (as the others did), in water everywhere, kids having baths in mud puddles and us all having one big shower under the hose! The oldest boys forgot currently-under-construction-but-still-usable church, so it will be a 7 AM start for them to get it ready for the 9:30 service.


Clothing Distribution
The day ended with a clothing party at Karen’s house, where every kid went home with lots of donations. Loads of girls happy with frills and such. Jofky got some great dress shoes and black Nikes. We were so busy we forgot about dinner! I cannot wait to go to bed tonight but a little nervous, as I’m preaching at church tomorrow. Please pray for me. Thank you again.