Even though Ti Luc continued to insist, up until the day of departure from Halifax airport, he wanted to return to Newfoundland he has settled back into life in Haiti.  He did not have a contented expression until we left Montreal.  He then realized he really was not going back to Newfoundland and so he started thinking about seeing everyone here.

Leaving Montreal

We left Yarmouth, after spending wonderful memorable days with family and friends,  to start our return.

Loving his adorable cousin Ellie

We in the company of a wonderful couple that we also stayed with overnight in Halifax, Nicki and Mike White. They took us to the airport in two vehicles as we had four large suitcases and a carry on. (That is what we left Halifax with and rechecked in Montreal) They helped get us checked in and saw us through security.  Wow, another very nice couple who are going to be helping HATS this year. Ti Luc and I are really looking forward to having them come here later on to help wherever necessary.

With Nicki and Mike

Due to having four suitcases, plus a carry-on and Ti Luc in a wheelchair I knew it would be impossible for me to handle things without help.  Help arrived in Montreal at arrivals with an extremely nice Air Canada agent who went above and beyond.  She helped us get our luggage stored overnight in the storage room at airport and made sure the hotel shuttle arrived before leaving us.

The following morning the cart with four large suitcases needed to be picked up from the storage room, taken upstairs to AC and rechecked.  I pushed Ti Luc in his chair while he controlled our carry-on by holding it between his knees and had it roll along with us.  So far so good, but how to manage picking up the other luggage. No way for that to happen without help.  Then along came a Good Samaritan.  What an awesome man he turned out to be. Ti Luc and I were blessed both days in Montreal airport by very helpful people.

The Good Samaritan who helped us a lot in Montreal airport

Ti Luc was extremely glad to see Papa Luckner in Port au Prince and his siblings, along with  Germaine and other employees when we arrived at the mission.  He was home.  The following morning, after devotions, he told me he was glad to see everyone again but he was really glad that he now has two homes – Newfoundland and Haiti. What a kid!

I was very proud of Ti Luc at the Haiti airport as he had to sit in his chair for more than two hours in the arrivals department. We checked four suitcases in Montreal but received three in PAP.  He sat very patiently watching and waiting.

Waiting patiently in PAP airport

We were the last people to leave the arrivals area after filling in papers on the missing suitcase. Things were not straightforward as the long paper tag that an agent in the departing airport attaches to a suitcase was located going around and around on the carousel but no suitcase to be found. It belonged to my missing suitcase. The lost suitcase is the one that held the things we had been wearing and using for weeks including new clothes purchased in Canada.  The agent in PAP did not give me much hope of the suitcase showing up later as she believed it had arrived and the identifying tag had been removed. I, however, am still hoping it may have been found in Montreal. The missing contents are not replaceable here.

We eventually left the arrivals area, reunited with Daniel inside airport and Luckner outside, and headed home.  We were pleased to be together again and catching up on things when we saw vehicles turning around in the road and heading back towards us due to a ‘blokis’ ahead.  Daniel and Luckner got on their phones and found out there was indeed trouble ahead and traffic would not be able to get through that day. Okay, change of plans, we needed to redo our route and drive home over the Mon Kabrit route.  We finally drove onto the compound at approx 8:30 pm.

Don’t think we are going to get very far

To say all the children were glad to see us return would be an understatement.  There were joyful hugs with shouts of glee and Ti Luc was being lifted and carried around the compound.

Welcome Home


Together again

School had opened the day before our arrival so the children had to be settled down and sent off to bed in preparation of another school day.  The children were glad to come to the house for prayer before school the next morning.

Ready for Preschool and Elem (minus Leica & Ti Luc)


Moise Grade 7 and J J Grade 9


Djemima – Grade 8

Ti Luc did not attend school the day after our arrival but did go yesterday and again today.  He will be home schooled in English this year but he will also attend the grade five class here at the mission a couple of times a week for the  socialization and to keep his Creole and French up.  He is unable yet to start his schooling in English as we do not have our curriculum.  He is quite looking forward to doing his subjects in English and at home.

At the present time there is a ton of work to be done at the school as well as here in administration office. I am here without help and I am trying to not overdo it.  Not easy for me but I am doing my best.

Thank you to every person who touched our lives during our time in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.  We were blessed indeed.  May God bless all of you.

~Karen and Ti Luc