There are now stairs to the second level of the water tower. The walls of level two will be started Monday morning. We hope that while Bob and Mike are here the roof can be poured on level two. The stairs will make it much easier to continue further work there.

One of the mango trees needed to be cut down. It is now gone. The roots were growing underneath the foundation of the Kid’s Home, the top of the tree was a hinderance and nuisance to the work continuing on the new house on top, and it was a hiding place for rats. We still have one large mango tree that provides both fruit and shade. All the wood from the tree will be cut up and used to cook the daily meals for our school students.

Our cute as a button two-year-old Judel, after bathing, was running around nude with his own form of fig leaves, from the fallen tree.

On Monday, too, work will continue on the new home. The cement work inside is finished and now it will be done on the outside preparing it ready to paint. Before we put in the floors we would like to get the plumbing done. We plan to start a foundation for the home for the boys soon. Too, we still have the enclosure block walls to stabilize and an enclosure to put around the back part of our school property. The work continues but there is still lots more to be done onsite.

Vladimy, our 14-year-old, has diligently taken on the job of keeping the HATS vehicle clean. Vladimy has earned a 10 out of 10 for the vacuuming and cleaning jobs he has done on the truck so far.

Ti Luc continues to walk, walk, walk. Everytime I think he is sitting quietly he comes up behind me, sometimes startling me. He has acheived another level. He can walk, kick the soccer ball, keep his balance, and walk further and sit down with no problem. That, let me tell you, earned him a lot of happy shouts and thanks to God the first time it happened, by myself, Papa Luckner, Baby, Martha, and Germaine. What a proud little guy he is these days. We tend to help him as we used to do and his most used words these days are “Lage m.” “Let me go.”

People continue to come to the mission asking for help. Our Mercy Ministry continues to bless people with donated funds and with food. Thank you to all who have made it possible. May you all be blessed for your part in helping to bless people in need in this area.