Since I came to Haiti 22 1/2 years ago I have had much more appreciation for the availability of water in Canada, for being able to turn on a tap at will and find water. Here I see people, adults and children, struggling daily to find water and take it to their homes for the many uses of the families.

There have been times when we have not had running water readily available at HATS, due to electical problems or a dry well, etc. By far, however, the majority of the times we have had the luxury of turning on a tap, flushing a toilet, and cleaning our bodies by showering.

Thursday morning, November 2nd

Today, on day five of no running water at our mission site, I have a greatly increased appreciation of running water, and I have increased consideration for the millions in Haiti without the luxury of it.

In North America we take our everyday luxuries, like 24 hours a day of running water and electricity, for granted. We don’t think about the possibility of not getting water when we turn on the tap. We tend to take our everyday blessings, that make our lives so much easier, for granted. Unless we have gone on a missions trip to Haiti, or elsewhere, we do not realize what others have to live without, and often do not appreciate what our country provides for us.

Let us all count our many blessings and daily say thank you for all we have and remember those who live without.

Day One – Water run

Day two of getting water and Luckner’s place

Day three – Off we go again

Day three – filling up the large and smaller drums

Water delivery to Kid’s Home and helping JJ get clean

At least his head has had a good wetting

Our boss man is back and trying to find the problem

Replacing our pump temporarily with a loaner from Luckner

Yay, more water

Some fill, some carry, some dump

Day five – Water run

Thursday afternoon, November 2nd

GOOD NEWS. While working on this things just changed. Oh happy day indeed!!!

Our own Mr. HATS-Haiti, Luckner, arrived back in Haiti last night. By 3:00 pm today, Day 5, water is once again running into our tanks on the roof. Thank you God, thank you Luckner, thank you Keith.

Now get out of our way we are heading for the bathrooms to clean our bodies, by the availability and the luxury of showering. We will all feel and smell clean and fresh once again. There will be a long line up to the showers.

Can’t wait. Those in charge of children’s care shower last.

God bless all of you.