Lately I’ve been rereading some of HATS blogs in archives.  There are a couple we will rerun – our own type of ‘Memories from some time ago’ .

It is good to occasionally look back and remember photos and see the growth and development of our children.

Today we are reposting a blog I did in November 2013.  Enjoy your walk down memory lane with us.

It was and still is ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN.



This blog is about a good Saturday spent recently.  My days are certainly not all like this but when we do get this kind of day together it cements our love for each other and helps make precious memories. The photos themselves will do the talking.

Sun is starting to come up


Dieunel and Judel at sunrsie


From the rising of the sun . .


My kids love walking with me early mornings


Flowers always picked for Mama’s house upon return


More flowers for Mama


A short break on the walk


Precious Leica not feeling top notch


Peaceful scene on our walk


Our walk


Harvesting what is ready so a meal can be prepared


Late afternoon walk the same day


Loving sister and brother


Almost home from our walk along the canal

The HATS-Haiti Mission is          ALL   ABOUT   THE   CHILDREN