I am asking for prayer support for my son, Vladimy. Also for the rest of us here at the orphanage who love him very much.

Vladimy off for first day of Seconde (Gr. 11)

Vladimy, age 18, is the oldest child we have in the orphanage. He has been with me i.e.’my son’ for 15 years. Since he came to me Vladimy has been a little different, special in his own way, and in need of a lot of patience and understanding. He has demonstrated some unusual behaviour over the years that has slowly and steadily escalated. One thing he has been diagnosed with is OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). There have been other, but yet undiagnosed, problems over the years. Last Thursday Vladimy had, in my words, a ‘sort of psychotic breakdown’. Luckner and I quickly contacted a doctor in St. Marc and got the name and address of a psychiatrist in Port au Prince. With the help of our policeman security, Daniel, who always travels with us to pick up and return people to the airport, and our chief security, Richard, here at HATS, we took Vladimy to PAP to see this doctor. Tests were ordered but it was too late in the day to have them done. He prescribed medications for Vladimy while he waited for test results.

Upon our return home Vladimy refused to take any medication, and refused to eat or drink. He had to be watched all the time, due to aggressive and dangerous behaviour (starting a fire with his clothes). This resulted in very little to no sleep for myself and the house mothers. No one, including the children, were relaxed, as all were concerned about him. The security were kept on their toes as both entrances to the compound had to be constantly locked, and they helped us keep a close eye on Vladimy.

Yesterday Vladimy was taken to the hospital in PAP where the prescribed tests, by the psychiatrist, could be done. He refused, and despite efforts and help of Luckner, Daniel, and Richard the tests could not be done. Vladimy had to be taken back to the psychiatric hospital for help to calm him down. The doctor advised Vladimy stay at the hospital for a month. Tests are to be done, and help given.

It was extremely difficult for us to leave Port au Prince yesterday without our boy, but we know that there is absolutely no help for him elsewhere in Haiti. Many tears have been shed, and are still being shed, here at HATS over the illness/situation of Vladimy.

Thank you to those of you who have been praying and encouraging us. Please continue to pray for Vladimy and for the other children who can not possibly understand what is going on with our family.

Vladimy is the eldest of our children. We will do everything that is possible to get him the needed help.

I T    I S      A L L     A B O U T     T H E     C H I L D R E N

Thank you one and all for your love and concern.  God bless you.

~Karen and gang