We continue to be quite busy and as usual there is never ever a dull moment. Now we are preparing for the next team to arrive on Thursday, February 23rd. We are all looking forward to having David Nance come back to spend some time with us once again. Too, we are looking forward to having Jessie and Seth return at the same time as David’s team. We thank God for Seth’s recovery and that they are able to return for a few weeks. We have missed them. They will stay with us until March 15th, at which time they will leave HATS and return to the US. We will miss them again when they leave in March. We will be praying for God’s will and his path for them for their future. They have been an asset and a blessing during their time with us.

February 14th, Mariah’s prescolaire students were thrilled to be treated to chocolate cupcakes. Yesterday, 16th, our teacher for prescolaire 3 was away and Mariah handled both classes for the whole morning. Wow. My hat is off to her for being able to handle all those little children in the manner she did.

Mariah’s class with chocolate cupcakes


Teacher Mariah, I worked hard this morning


Mariah with prescolaire 1 & 3

Our Vladimy continues to spend time at the radio station with Papa Luckner. He is growing into a fine young man and growing strong spiritually. People enjoy hearing Vladimy singing, talking and praying on the air.

Vladimy on the air at Radio Creole

Last weekend Mariah and I had a weiner and marshmallow roast with the children, complete with ‘somemores’, which both children and adults loved. They think this should be a weekend tradition and are disappointed that we are not willing to commit to that.

Ti Fi happily learning from Mariah


Sticky delicious


Great marshmallow roaster


Leica feeding Ti Luc and herself at same time

Every year I look forward to a break during the hottest and most humid months – July or August. It is a good time for me to take a break as school is closed. I usually get a couple of weeks away and do some speaking for the mission at the same time. This summer, however, I will not be able to get away as I have two of my housemothers pregnant and due around the same time. They will both be needing time off. I am trusting God to help me work things out so the children will continue to receive the same excellent daily care. I will stay here this summer and spend that important time with the children. I love being with my children and would like to catch up on some of my workload so I can have lots of time with them.

How much longer will I be able to carry them both


Papa Luckner with Anne and Sandra

Thank you for continuing to pray for us and sending encouragement with blog comments and emails.

I T I S, A N D A L W A Y S W I L L B E, A L L A B O U T T H E C H I L D R E N.