Sunday is one of my favorite days in Haiti. It is more relaxed with no projects planned and some of the crew sleeping in to past 6:30 while others enjoy the breaking dawn with a cup of coffee and a leisurely breakfast. Then we all go over to the school that has had a room rearranged for church. The membership consists mainly of local children and a few adults who gather for some lively singing, prayer and good teaching. It is a joy to listen to them, even though I don’t understand many of the words the music is familiar and I can sometimes sing along in English. I had the honor this morning to play a small part in a skit with Karen, Antoinette and Naomie. Then Karen and Antoinette presented teaching based on two of the ten commandments, don’t steal and don’t lie. Then there was more singing by several small groups and a soloist.

Three young songsters

After church we enjoyed a rest period then joined the children and house mothers to celebrate Mariah’s birthday, Now that was a high energy and high volume hour or so.

Bday girl with Jofky, Sandra & Jonathan


Enjoying the birthday bash


Jonathan sleeping with Sandra

After that we visited Project Help mission in Borel (where Karen lived for 9 years while renting one of their houses and started the orphanage in another house she rented there). While some watched the soccer game others took a tour and learned some of the mission and a lot about solar energy used for pumping water.

Project Help


On project Help


Solar powered well pump

The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying the children and the beautiful sunset. Each day leaves us more aware of the brief time we have left to enjoy the giggles and hugs of our small Haitian friends. We will miss them more than words can express and are already thinking ahead to next years trip.