Nine of us left the compound today at 7:30 AM headed for the dam at Pelig…just a few minutes from Mirebalais. On route we saw very different scenery than we are used to in the Arbitionite Valley. Luckner told us the history of the dam and answered all questions we had. We saw where the water started and drove along the river several times that feeds the canals that irrigate the Artibonite Valley. We watched many people doing their Saturday laundry, animals drinking, people fishing…from the dam wall and in hand dug-out boats. Dickie drove and he missed all the police kouches except one, only slight injuries to Sandra. We returned at 1 o’clock hot, hungry, and thirsty.

Can’t travel like this after Tuesday


On the road to Pelig


The group minus 1(holding the camera)


Fishing from the dam


View downstream from dam


Lake above the dam

Practise was held for the lesson at church tomorrow. Karen and Antoinette had decided to act out what Antoinette will be teaching on tomorrow – two of the ten commandments. ‘ Do not steal’ ‘Do not lie’. They asked Naomie and Jim to assist. Antoinette is going to be the voice of Satan and Jim the voice of God. Karen feels that Jim needs to do a lot of practice tonight so he can be ready. He needs to say several times this word – “Non” “Non” “Non”. Karen is not sure if he can remember all those lines and be able to do all that in Creole. He might end up having to do it in English “No” “No” ‘No”. Sandra was entertained by Dieunel and Judel for a while. A walk along the canal is on for the older kids and some blan yo at 4:30 PM. We hope to play a game tonight when all is ready for tomorrow.

Time to relax finally


Evening on the canal

A note about last night…we went down to Radio Creole 104.7 FM (Luckner’s Radio Station) about 9:00 PM. There was quite a lively and animated discussion going on about soccer. There was Luckner, his assistant, Arice, and several guests all involved in this discussion. One man was very animated and interested in getting us on the air…he kept giving us the ear phones and trying to share the microphone and finally he came back to me (Sandra) and asked if I spoke Creole or French and when I said no he moved to Shondi and she said “un peu” so he was talking long and animated in her face and I saw Wagler (assistant to Luckner at the school ) move in closer to Shondi and then he leaned to hear what the man was saying to her and then Karen appeared and sat beside Shondi. Rose Lore, too, was on route to rescue Shondi if needed. I laughed and knew that they knew something about this man that we didn’t. He went off to use the bathroom and we were gone when he returned. It was interesting.

Enjoying the debate at Radio Creole

Those that know Timote, we saw him at the Radio Station last night. He was pleased to see us and we to see him. We heard from Seth. His surgery was Monday past. He is in the middle of the painful healing process. We are all hoping and praying that he is back on his feet and as good as new before much longer.