This is my second attempt to do this, my first one was deleted by someone…wonder if it was intentional or accidental?  I can’t really remember what I said about her BUT maybe it was something that she felt was not for everyone!!!!  Just because I mention that she has no clothes or underwear, toothbrush or paste and no toiletries for washing herself…do you think she should delete my message???

She seems to have clothes on at the moment

We had a great visit from a team from Missouri who are at a mission in Borel yesterday afternoon.  They came with bubbles, which were a great hit, and a guitar and a ukelele and we sang a bit and then moved to the church yard and school yard for a soccer game, the bigger kids in church yard and the littler ones in the school yard. Good time for everyone.

Visit with friends from Project Help


A fun soccer game with friends


Dieunel in goal.  Ball in the air

We had a delicious supper last night…all of them are delicious…BUT Karen loved this one and ate 2 plates of supper!  Yup, you read right, TWO helpings! That may shock most of you as it did us BUT we were all witnesses!

Don has been having a great trip, in fact 2 good ones we know of so far!  Dickie hasn’t gotten the iodine out yet so all is well. Terry is a great story teller, he only needs to hear a certain word and has a story to tell about that.  What fun!  He has taught Ti Luc the moose call and not so popular moose bite! Jim and Dickie are here for longer so will get stories on them later.

Today has had Cathy and I measuring food for the needy/hungry families in the area.  We used all we had on hand and can’t get more until Wednesday so I will have to measure without Cathy next week.

Preparing food to go to needy families in the area

The kids are all doing their Saturday chores including hand washing all their own laundry with some doing the younger ones clothes as well.  They are cleaning backpacks and sneakers etc as school starts Monday.

Saturday Chores

Terry has been cutting wood for all kinds of projects, Dickie says about Terry and the work he does “he makes the rest of us look bad!”

Terry and his second helper for this morning

Have only seen Jim cuddling and reading with Anne BUT am sure he has done much more. Don has been Terry’s helper this morning.

Anne with Godfather Jim


Wonder if Keith taught Jim how to work best

I know something for sure…I am NOT coming again without a cow bell or a set of those clappers for your keys…we can NEVER find Dickie!

The elusive man who seldom slows down

That is it for today, looking forward to church tomorrow!

Bottom note:  Jim came back looking like he had been in the canal BUT he had been fixing bikes AGAIN and he has 2 happy little girls; Karena and Anne!  He also worked on Karen’s IPad so he has 3 happy girls!