Friday evening Dickie, Shondi, Jim, Mariah, Vladimy and Karen went to Radio Creole for a while. Vladimy was going to spend the night there and the others went to visit and listen (those that could understand). I stayed here with Ti Luc (who was sleeping). They had a good time and after they came home Vladimy was talking and praying on the radio…we didn’t hear him, we would have stayed up to listen if we had thought he would be doing something.

Friday night visit to Radio Creole.


Dickie presented four women with caps at Radio Creole


Radio Creole visit.  Vladimy sang and prayed on the air

We (Richard, Shondi, and I) herded the goats from outside the house to the security for the night…..if not they would have been under Jim’s tent. We took the goats back to the school yard this morning, one lady came for hers and we still have 2.

Blan goat herders


Little goat herders

We roller bladed again this morning and they are all doing better but Deuinel and Djemima are doing really well and can skate by themselves. They will all be doing it by next week I am sure.

We all went shopping today at the hardware store (3 of them actually) in Liancourt and then stopped for chicken on the way home. Jim, Mariah and I were in the back of the truck and we were noticed by all the men (young especially, but old looked too)…it must have been either my white hair or Jim’s bald head, it could not have been the beautiful young Mariah who turns heads where ever she goes! This afternoon we readied the school for church tomorrow and Dickie put up clocks and calendars on office walls. Jim worked on internet at Seth & Jessie’s house.

Internet being added to asst missionary house

We wish Jessie and Seth were here with us and we wish Seth all the best on his surgery on Monday. Today Karen arranged for the children to be able to see them on Skype. Thanks to real internet service, at the moment, things went well. They could see and hear the children and vice versa.

Kids talking to Jessie and Seth on Skype

The children had a video this afternoon and Mariah, Vladimy, JJ and Ti Luc went down to Luckner’s to watch a football (soccer) game on television. Dicke drove them down and Shondi drove home…a new experience for her.

Goats are back on compound for the night.

We are off to play a game…..hopefully!

PS. Karen here. This morning we had a visit from Jofky’s biological father who is blind. He asked to be able to hear his son. This was the first time since I took Jofky into this family. Jofky was afraid to leave my arms but he did look and listen. His father did the same as he did the day he brought him to me almost two years ago, he prayed for his son.

Jofky’s biological father visiting him for first time since he came to HATS

Can’t close without a photo of the two Sandras.