A Unique Opportunity

Hands Across the Sea encourages individuals and work teams to travel to Haiti to be a part of the work we are doing. Those who come to Haiti are given the opportunity to join in construction projects, visit in the local community, spend time with the children, and minister in church. You can help us in our work for the most needy and most vulnerable members of Haiti’s population. Come be transformed by seeing the need and being a part of meeting that need.

Visit our Come to Haiti photo gallery for more images of individuals and work teams visiting Hands Across the Sea. You can also read about their experiences on our blog under HATS Visitors.

Who Can Join Us

Visitors to Hands Across the Sea are welcome as members of a team that is led by an experienced team leader. We host teams 10 months of the year and teams stay in Haiti for one week. Anyone in good health, who wants to work and who is open to the vision and values of Hands Across the Sea is welcome to join us.

Groups are limited to a maximum of eight (8) people including the team leader. This ensures that our Haitian staff members are able to accommodate the extra work associated with visiting teams as well as providing opportunity for all team members to get involved in the Hands Across the Sea community and projects.

The Team Coordinator arranges dates for teams to travel to Haiti after consultation with Karen Huxter, Director of Hands Across the Sea.

Types of Projects

Our on-site Directors, Karen and Luckner, will decide on the team projects, based on the needs of our mission and surrounding community. Teams will fundraise to contribute to the costs associated with projects. Karen and Luckner will endeavour to have all necessary project materials in place when groups arrive in Deschapelles. Types of projects include painting, minor construction (depending on group members’ skill set), organizing and distributing supplies, etc.

Time with the Children

Visitors to Haiti live on the same campus as the children’s home so have significant opportunity to spend time playing with the children. Favourites for the children include floor hockey, bike riding, walks along the canal, pick up soccer games and for the older kids, board games & English practice.

Travel Arrangements

Volunteers are responsible for their own travel to and from Haiti. All teams must arrive in Haiti on the same day and time, even if traveling from different locations. Details are arranged with our team coordinator. All teams must arrive in Port-au-Prince by noon in order to ensure safe travel to the Hands Across the Sea campus in Deschapelles, Haiti. The sun sets in Haiti at 6:00pm and it is not prudent to travel after dark. The noon-hour arrival allows for any flight delays, baggage issues to be resolved and the 3-hour travel time from the capital to Deschapelles.


A $350 U.S. donation per visitor is required to cover the cost of transportation to and from the airport, food, drinks, extra staff, diesel for the generator, transportation to and from Port-au-Prince, and a police escort for safety.

Please bring these funds here with you, in cash, as they are needed for us to purchase food and cover all your costs. We regret that according to federal law, an income tax receipt cannot be issued for funds covering your own expenses.

Join Us!

We look forward to having you come, join us in ministry, experience life in Haiti and be blessed. We will do our best to see you have a great Haitian experience.

If you are interested in joining a team, please contact our Team Coordinator.