On Sunday morning during our little church service four vehicles pulled up outside the mission with Canadians who are presently attached to the Embassy in Port-au-Prince. We are very thankful to Ed Cashman, Vice Consul, who had visited us before, for bringing the group to see us. They joined in our little service and then looked around the mission – both school and main compound. It is always a pleasure to have visits like this.

Sunday morning visit by Canadians who work at Embassy in Port


Embassy group leaving HATS

Speaking of the Sunday morning service – Jonathan really likes to be in my arms Sunday mornings. Most Sundays he falls asleep and then I lie him on a blanket on the floor where he stays peacefully asleep. Last Sunday, however, Jonathan was not willing to leave his mama’s arms even when asleep. After three attemps to lay him down when he was already asleep he awoke and cried to stay in my arms. Finally I decided he was sound asleep enough for me to lay him down and leave. Not! I ended up sitting on the floor with Jonanthan and he attached himself to me. He was not going to let me leave. No matter the position – as long as he was with Mama Karen he would sleep.

Jonathan not willing to let Mama go even to sleep.

Our kids continue to do some work around the compound, with shovels and wheelbarrow, on rock removal in preparation and in hope of us finding topsoil and grass seed.

Kids working in yard.

The kids have also been helpful in transporting textbooks from the school office to this admin building/my house, so I can sort them with all the recently purchased new ones. Luckner did the textbook purchasing in St. Marc and returned with the truck filled with boxes. Ti Luc was determined to do his share to help. He managed to climb into the pan of the truck and actually pushed some boxes forward so others could carry them inside.


Ti Luc pushing the box of textbooks to Papa

Now it is my turn. I need to organize all the books into various grades, see how many others we need to purchase, prepare a package of textbooks for all students, who have a sponsor, in each class with their name and grade visible. Since I have a team from Canada arriving Saturday evening and school opens Monday morning, I may use a couple of the team members to help me distribute the packages of textbooks to the sponsored students next week.

Now to organize by grade and see how many more we need

Speaking of sponsored students – those of you who are new sponsors should hear from me shortly after school opens with the name and grade of your student. Then later on all sponsors will receive a photo and a letter from your student. We still need sponsors for students this year – both in elementary and secondary. If you would like to help a child receive an education we would love to hear from you.

Mariah continues to be a big help even though she needs to spend valuable time on her school course as well. She is an asset to the housemothers as well as myself. The children love spending time with her – the little ones like to climb on her for transportation around the compound.

Giddiup horsey!!


Karen being a goof with the kid’s trinkets

Thank you everyone for your continued encouragement, friendship, love and various means of support. Nothing could be done here without all of you. Nothing. I am unable to express how thankful I truly am to the Lord and to all of you.


~Karen and children