If you think that Newfoundland weather is temperamental than you haven’t been to Haiti. Yesterday we had a rainstorm/tornado, today started out bright and sunny but the rain did come again. A few of us have sunburns to show for the Haitian sun.

During devotions this morning Karen received a message that all the children had to be at the Catholic Church for vaccinations. We quickly had our breakfast, organized the children and walked the short distance to the Church. There were many mothers waiting in the open garden with their children. We entered with our 14 and sat on a fallen tree and waited patiently for our turn. As the children were being vaccinated we could hear the crying. Eventually all received their vaccination and we returned home. What an experience to participate in such an important event.

On the way for our kids to be vaccinated this morning


Do we really need to have an injection


Ti Luc being vaccinated


Two youngest about to be vaccinated

We returned home to see what Karen had in store for us next. She was, as well as we were, anxious to see how the roof on the church was progressing and so we all piled into her pick-up truck, nine of us bouncing down a dirt road while four sat comfortably in the air conditioned cab. What fun we had having to stop for cattle, and mud holes. Don at one point had to wade through a particularly big pot hole to make sure it was safe for the truck to pass. It was deeper than he thought! And while returning to the truck he stepped in a cow patty. He was almost sent to the back of the pick-up but was allowed into the cab after cleaning his shoes with our drinking water.

About to head off to see the church roof


Don checking depth of mudhole

The church was a fair distance away on top of a mountain which we climbed in the scorching heat. A mid week service was in progress so we didn’t have an opportunity to go in, but did get to see the almost completed church roof and heard the beautiful singing. We also had an opportunity to meet some of the local people who lived on the mountain side.

Church roof almost finished at noon – now finished .

After our busy morning, lunch was in store followed by a delicious and messy mango feast with the children. Yummy, nothing like fresh off the tree mangos.

The afternoon was busy with local folks wanting to support themselves and their families by offering us local arts and crafts. All of us had a great time bartering with the merchants and we are all very pleased with our purchases. We are all coming home with unique wares made from the cashew tree, paintings created by local artist and baskets weaved from palm trees. Oh joy!!! Retail therapy even in Haiti.

Finally came the excitement of opening the many suitcases of donations brought from and donated by generous big hearted people from home. WOW, what great offerings and blessings for H.A.T.S. and the village of Deschapelles. Karen’s excitement was evident as was her enthusiasm to share this generosity with her staff, children, school and community. Her gratefulness is over whelming.

Donated clothing


Organizing donations to share with community


Robyn, Brittanie, Melissa and Julie

Our day is coming to an end and we feel blessed for all that we have experienced so far. Stay tuned and we will share more tomorrow.

~Catherine and Emma