It’s been about a week so we figured it was time for another update. Karen has been gone this week so Mariah, Jess, and I have been in charge. We’ve had a lot of fun together! The past four nights we’ve either eaten or had snacks together to wind down the day, while we watch the Pirates of the Caribbean (half of one each night, since they’re 3 hour movies!). We’re sad that we don’t have the 4th one to watch, though! For any of you that haven’t been to the Caribbean, believe us, those movies are completely accurate! I just haven’t found my gold yet.

Last Wednesday we were blessed to have a dental team stop by and look at the kids! The team is staying a few miles down the road in Borel at Project Help and so they told Karen they would come for an afternoon. We only had one kid who had a problem that needed fixed, and he got to take a ride the next day down to Borel.

Dental Team

Mariah has been keeping busy with school stuff. School starts on Monday and there are a lot of loose ends to tie before school begins. And with Karen gone, Mariah is in charge of that part! This next week will be pretty busy, but we’re excited for this new season to begin. The kids are excited too, especially Judel who begins his first year!

Jess, Mariah and Antwa have also started working on updating our devotion song books, which is long overdue. We’re all excited to have some new songs to sing each morning and a little bit more variety. Also, Jess has set up a few crafts for the kids to keep them occupied while school is still out. The kids have really enjoyed it and have listened extremely well. Karen will be happy to see their work when she returns! The kids are also loving learning gymnastics with Mariah, actually they are doing that right now!

Craft Day
Who’s who

As for me, I’m becoming one of the creatures in the Pirates of the Caribbean- I’m becoming one with my chair! Maybe not entirely. My goal this week was to finish 3 small 2 drawer dressers for the housemoms. So I’ve been doing my best to spread that work out so I can have some woodworking each day and then also help with crafts and other stuff as well. I’ve also had the chance of bringing the boys next door to play soccer a few times this week.

We had a nice relaxing weekend here at HATS. Other than the occasional sound of a saw by Eden (who was repairing a few desks for the school) things were pretty quiet. Sunday was the most home-like Sunday since we’ve been here! Jess, Mariah, Ti Luc and I relaxed all day watching football! It was fun teaching Ti Luc about American football, which is kind of hard since all he really knows is soccer. He yelled “gooooaaaal!!!!” every time Darren McFadden ran across the goal line (even on the replays!) and on practically every pass play (even if the ball wasn’t caught)! I guess i’ll just have to teach him a little at a time! Then Mariah, Jess and I made a pizza loaf and watched our movie!

JJ and Anne

We really do appreciate all of your prayers and support of each of us here, we are humbled because we know this wouldn’t be possible without the help of our Family in Christ! We are just happy to be Christ’s vessels- instruments for his glory! Thanks again and God bless you!