Hello everyone,

Once again, we’d like to ask your prayers for Hands Across the Sea.

Karen contacted me today via text message to let me know that the electrical transformer at HATS was struck by lightning last night and needs significant repairs.  As a result, the orphanage and school has no power, neither from Haitian power nor from the generator.  This means water can’t be pumped from the well.  Right now, water use is severely restricted (washing hands and cooking only).  Karen and Luckner are hoping to find someone to go to the city to look for parts as Luckner is too sick to go and Karen is too busy taking care of sick children.   Please pray that the parts can be found and the repairs made quickly.

Tifi and Ti Luc are both still quite ill with Chikungunya, but are slowly improving.  JJ is sick now as well.  Please pray for protection and healing for the children and staff at HATS and for everyone in Haiti affected by this virus.

Karen, Luckner and the staff are committed to the work in Haiti in spite of the many challenges they face on a regular basis.  Your prayers and financial support make it possible for us to continue to do the work that is needed with the children and families in Haiti.  Thank you!