I know you are waiting for Rosanna, but she just finished a huge job on the computer with Karen and this is her break. Sorry guys.

Well, since it’s later in the evening, and I am working my way backwards from the beginning of the day, I have to tell you that both Rosanna and I are at a point tonight of exhaustion…

Let me include Karen in this one…It was rough day, and we are feeling the load (that Karen carries every day..) of discouragement and somewhat of a sense of hopelessness.

Would you pray with us for HAITI?!!!

We went to the market today and I know many of you who read this have gone and have stories of smells, pushy people, unbelievable sights… It felt like that…and worse. Empty stares from people that are hurt and left alone, have no more room for trust – let alone a white person…Harshness, loneliness, anger…I really don’t have more words . I don’t know if I can ever forget these faces today. Please, please pray.



Mariah doing her shopping


At market in Verrettes

On a somewhat lighter note, I have to say it is a joy to watch Rosie who just jumps to every occasion…whether it is throwing a hand stand with the kids or carry a 50 pound bag of cornmeal on HER HEAD….which caused no small commotion!!! She is great …and really we are trying to share as much love and joy that we can …but there are definitely moments.

Martha and Rosanna each carrying a sack of cornmeal


Rice fields on way to market.  Threshing by hand on one piece


Too much mud to take younger children walking

Then we came home, Karen played again with the kids and we took the customary walk along the canal.  It started out absolutely beautiful as we walked into the Haitian sunset…BUT THEN!!! Barbie had to step in an ant hill in order to get just the right pick….:( Well, let’s just say Haitian ants really hurt…and bite!

I am so enjoying the kids and have so much more time with them this trip. They are all beautiful!!


Hey everyone. Yes, what a day. Barb is so sweet to say I’m a joy. I feel like I’ve been a bit of a downer, but she continues to profess that God is HOPE and that there is HOPE here and for us and me and…everyone.

I’m not sure what we’re doing here, just showing up for a week – it’s not like it’s sustainable. And I don’t want to become depressed by some of the harsh realities that Karen has to deal with every day. You know it’s ONE thing to start an orphanage and school  (Yes, Karen has done things that are beeeeyond me), but it’s ANOTHER thing to raise the 20 babies that become YOUR kids!!!  Not only are they a big family, but they are a big family containing individual stories that got them all to where they are in the orphanage. Today, I learned Karena lost both her parents in the earthquake.  And that’s just one story – there are even more painful ones.

It’s a whirlwind!!! I could go on. But it’s bedtime.

So, peace and love from Haiti from all of us. We have a few more days here, and we need strength to live them well.

Just before dark, almost home from our walk

Lots of love,

~B + R