Another great day for most of us but not so great for Dickie!  He has been sick all day but no one else has fallen ill so far!  Dickie told me that Germaine gave him a purple drink this morning and you need to ask him about it some time.

Jess in HATS hair dressing salon

Karen was up and over at school most of the morning in meetings etc. Jess and I did payroll for the staff this morning, Jim fought with Karen’s computer and Pastor Dave put together a dresser with the help of JJ!

Leica with Sandra

This afternoon we filled 2 buckets and a cooler with water balloons and waited for the kids to get their school work done and then tricked them and the house mommies into coming up to the house for a photo.  Karen asked them to come quickly for a photo and Jess got them all lined up by the front door to take a photo and backed up and we let them have it from the roof.  What fun!  We used the 2 buckets on them and then came down and gave them the cooler full to get us.  Pastor Dave and Jim were the wettest!

Ready to start the water fight


The fight begins


Preparing to return fire.


The battle nears completion and the visitors were clearly winning


Then came the surprise counter-attack from the big guns


JJ soaked Jim and Dave.    Now they are getting him wet.

We have washed, sand papered and washed again the chalk boards at the school and tomorrow we will paint them all.

Getting blackboards ready for painting


Some people work


Some people make it look like they are working

I will not be the last person in bed tonight…there is hanky panky going on upstairs when someone is absent!