The trip to the  citadel in Cap Haitian was organized for family.  This was written by one of them today.

When the first shower started at 1:10 AM,

We thought another fun busy day starting again.
Today to go much further into the Haiti Nation,
From Deschapelles north to Cap Hatien.
Not to wake Ti Luc or slam the kitchen door,
or to unfairly chill Martha on the living room floor.
Everyone wanting to try their “Tap Tap” luck-
A bunch got into the pan of the HATS truck.
Before daylight most boarded a mini bus
and HATS truck followed with the rest of us.
What photos to take? Which photos to choose,
from the multitude of scenic Haiti views.
Just to cite a few examples would make a long list
and you know the old story that “many would be missed”.
But, for the views not photoed, and there would be many,
they’ll be fondly etched forever, in our collective memory.
From Pont Sonde north to Gonaives,
through unique landscape, hard to believe.
Through Cap Hatien Mountains an hour and a half
awesome, majestic and any other superb adjective.
Another special story to briefly tell
of the hour and a half horseback ride up to the Citadel.
It is massive and very impressive to see,
a famous segment of Haiti’s history.
Of course, many good laughs during our home return,
though now a different anticipation (bed) and less energy to burn.
Great thanks to Karen and Luckner and Timotee (Tim O tay)
Martha, Daniel and all others who helped in any way.
Oh, Haiti!  Ayiti!  Land of beauty!
What an honour for this opportunity,
to see your land and different shapes,
from your highest mountains to seascapes.
As the sun brings warmth to your plants and soil,
it brings that wonderful warmth to that Haitian smile.
That smile has persisted throughout so much adversity,
and it deserves to outlast eternity.
A smile to remind many bigger richer countries
of their over exaggerating their many lesser difficulties.
A smile that indicates a deep inner strength,
a symbolic gold medal of a Nation’s endurance.
Slavery, International blockades, unfair killings, storms, hurricanes,
the earthquake, cholera….. How deep are the Nation’s pains!
An impoverished country, thoroughly victimized….
but nothing has conquered that smile or the twinkle of the Haitian eye.