Sorry for delays with the blog BUT we have been working/playing too hard to find time to get here. Yesterday was a day you get once in a life time (according to several derrieres, that is a good thing!). Cathy’s first words at 3:00 AM were “who was taking a shower at 1:10?” The day started early and went late, but what a day it was! As soon as our security arrived we all piled in the truck (13) and headed to pick up Luckner and Timottee and then off to meet our Tour Bus.

Tour Bus for the motley crew


Door of tour bus tied closed

At 4:50 we were all piled in the bus and truck and started our trek to Cap Haiten and the Citadel. We had a few not too well people after a few hours of driving winding and rough roads BUT they all pulled through. We saw some magnificent scenery and normal Haitian life along the way arriving at Cap Haitien around noon. We grabbed a sandwich then were lead to our horses for the 7 mile climb up the mountain to the Citadel, and what a ride it was! Many walked some of the way, some walked a lot of the way, but all got to the top hot and tired.

Our trusty team leader


Karen with citadel in background. Long way still to go


Getting tired anyone

We grabbed a cold drink for us and our helpers and then we got a tour of the Citadel…amazing building and history. We will question Luckner more when he slows down enough for us to catch him.

Motly Canadian crew arrived at top of mountain


Dickie, Ken, Lisa & Cheryl with guide

Trip down the hill…a lot more walked, some walked all the way, and again we all arrived at the bottom hot and tired and thirsty.

Music band waiting for us when we descended the mountain

We headed for cold drinks and Luckner even found some popcorn and we enjoyed every bite. It was by then 5:00 PM and it took us 7 hours to get there so we needed to head out asap. We tried to find a place for Justin who was going to stay at Cap Hatien BUT to no avail so he woke up here again today after thinking he was rid of us! We drove for an hour or more then we stopped for soup, rice and beans, rice and chicken, Pringles and more cold drinks and off again to head for home. We were royally entertained in our bus with stories and jokes by David Buckle and I think the group in the truck were enjoying Luckner’s wealth of knowledge about Haiti. The closer we got to home the quieter we got and arrived at 11:30 PM safely and were all in bed very quickly….no showers even though we were all dirty! I don’t think anyone was up before daylight today but already everyone is hard at work with their sore legs, bums and all.



Good job Sandra. We will send this without photos of the group and my gorgeous kids. Stay tuned folks, later today and tomorrow.

I apologize to all family members who have been nail-biting at home waiting for some word that we arrived home safely last night. I actually unlocked the office at midnight and tried to sit to write my kids. Note – tried to sit. Too much pain to sit, due to all the jostling on a horse, and too tired to type even one word while standing, so allowed myself to close the door and stagger to my bed, where I fell dirty and very tired. No excuses why it has not been done earlier today other than I have been needed by many people, many times this morning. Please forgive. We will try to do a better job of keeping you informed from now on.