A sincere thank you from myself and my assistant, Luckner, on behalf of many people throughout this area of Haiti for all the help, in many forms, that has come to HATS during the past year.

The hunger problem in Haiti is very real.  There was a serious problem with hunger in the valley before Hurricane Sandy hit, which then became a lot more serious.  Thank you for your response in wanting to help. There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing hungry children or mothers crying out for help so they can feed their children.  We have children coming to school hungry every day.  Often they end up in the office crying because of the hunger pains in their tummies.  Thank you. Because of your generosity, over the past three to four month period, we have distributed food (rice, beans, cornmeal and oil) to more than 250 – 300 families.

Food comes in, gets separated, and goes out


Thank you very much for the food!!!!


Food recipients


Mesi anpil

People continued to come for food on Christmas eve, Christmas day and again today, 26th.  With happy and grateful hearts they left here knowing something would be cooked for their families for Christmas and in the following week or so.  When people  expressed their thanks we told them the thanks should go to God and to the generous people who sent the funds for it to be purchased for them.

Thank you very much


A senior we help on a monthly basis thankful for the food gift


Thank you

Besides the food we are distributing on the behalf of you the donors, we are also giving many people a gift of a young coconut tree to plant in their yards.  This will be a help for many years to come.

There is an entrepreneur in this area who has planted hundreds of coconut trees to be sold.  Thus far we have purchased 200 coconut trees.  This same man has a small scale fish farm where he is allowing fish to grow so he can sell fish to people that is not coming from contaminated water.

On Christmas eve I took the older children to see the young coconut trees that HATS has purchased and to see the fish growing there. They were fascinated and delighted with it all.  We are giving people notes to take and pick up the trees directly from the owner.

Owner of the business and our kids standing with the coconut trees


Children are fascinated by the fish jumping

Thank you, too, for your generosity in donating to the Christmas program of chickens, Bibles and Hymn books.  We will be purchasing those things and distributing a little later.

To win a game of soccer, or some other team sport, it takes a team who will pull together.  To make a difference in the lives of the people around us it takes a team, you the donors and us here on the frontlines, who will pull together.  Together we can make a difference.  Together we are making a difference.  Together we will continue to make a difference.


Thank you.  God bless you.   Happy New Year.