It truly does feel like an overheated oven. Yesterday we did not get rain which meant the heat and humidity stayed high. With rain comes mud outside the compound but it also reduces the atrocious level of humidity somewhat, and makes for more comfortable sleeping. This is important especially in light of the fact that the generator continues to give us problems and has not been working again for four days. We will be sending someone to PAP on Monday, to where we purchased the generator for a new relay for the starter. We have been managing due to a ‘fet’ in Liancourt. EDH (Haitian Elelctric Company) does not tend to give electricity for things that are necessary to live, but will do so when people want to party for a few days. Right now I say “party on folks and keep the electricity coming our way too.”

The construction on the foundation for the office at the school is nearing completion. Soon work will start on the building itself.

Foundation almost finished at school

Today the clotheslines for the children’s homes are being moved to a better location. They are no longer between both children’s homes, which was a nusiance, prevented children playing there, and an eyesore to boot. The lines are going up between Kay Timbrmart and the Multipurpose Room (aka devotion room). They will run the length of the fence there which will not be a problem for the play area – swing set, basketball court, etc. Today also, now that the clotheslines have been removed there, the cement in front of Kay Margo is being leveled, and the holes from the clotheslines filled in. There will soon be a beautiful place for the children to play between the two houses. Plus a nice place to walk quickly (which I tend to do) without the danger of being cut off at the neck by a line.

clotheslines moving to a better location


Clotheslines gone, cement being leveled

Due to the cement work being done today, the children all have to stay in Kay Timbrmart, watching videos (oh torture for them), and eating on the gallery there. The only problem is Ti Fi. She constantly sneaks out and tries to walk through the wet cement.

Movie time in Kay Timbrmart


Lunch time on gallery of Kay Timbrmart


lunch time



I told you on the last blog that since Ti Luc’s paperwork had not come through that he and I would not be going to NS and NL as planned. I had completely given up on the idea of attending the Springdale reunion and other reunions affiliated with it. It was not an easy thing to accept. Ti Luc and I were both very disappointed and sad, but I did my best to explain to him why we could not go. Well, thanks to my daughter Liette’s encouragement, good advice, and gentle loving pushing (something like mine to dear little Anne to walk, not crawl over the rocks) I will be going, not Monday, 18th, but one week later Monday, July 25th. It means one week less to be away but it also means I will miss out on what is always very special to me – time in Yarmouth. I will have to save that for another year. I still can’t imagine leaving without Ti Luc, and the tears flow when I think about doing it after my promises to him, but I know he and I will survive it. He cried a lot this morning when I mentioned it to him and kept saying “mwen meme tou Maman, mwen meme tou.” “Me too Mama, me too.” I know that I will have a precious and blessed time back east. Luckner, Jessie and Seth, agreed wholeheartedly with Liette that I really should go. Luckner, as usual, will be in charge here. He will have help from Seth and Jessie and the three of them will be covering things with Ti Luc. Jessie and Seth have agreed that Ti Luc can sleep at their place, and no doubt he will spend some time at Papa’s too. That arrangement is what is going to make it easier for him with me going without him.

Our kids, including us big kids sometimes, are enjoying the swing set. Moving it here was a very smart move. I will be looking for two additional attachments for it that the children can enjoy.





Djeumima and Mirlande




Looks who likes the swing

Again thank you for all your support and encouragement. Together we stand, divided we fall. We need all of you to help us keep standing for the children of Haiti.

Anne 14 months holding Sandra almost 3 months


Dieunel, Ti Luc and Anne


My orange tree


Corn growing in back yard


Grapes on the vine outside my house


Karena and Josie


Jofky and Karena


Ismyis and Judel


My kids. Two missing


JJ and Mirlande


Ti Luc with Jessie


Moise & Vladimy


Anne with Jessie

It is all about the children!!!!

Love from all of us,

~Karen and gang