4:00 am- We are awakened to the sound of drums, chanting and roosters.

6:00 am- We awake for the day (again to the sound of roosters). Boys take ninja style showers in less than two minutes

7:30- Devotions with kids, praise and Ti-Luc dancing. Awesome start to the morning!

9:00- Tour of school and compound. Played an amazing game with Tifi. Brooks and David had a pda moment (holding hands while standing in a circle with Tifi.)

10:30-Go to recess with kids. Brooks denied soccer privileges from 10 year olds.

11:30- Ride in back of truck to Luckner’s (Karen’s right hand man) store for water.

12:00- Delicious rice and beans for lunch.

12:30- Paint time! The school is now blue and so are David’s…pants. Julie and Sara were epic paint trimmers. Jake and Brooks knocked out the ceiling.

Workteam started work on the school


Starting to look better already

12:31-4:00- Brooks complains of defective paint brush, how he can’t paint and more paint on the floor than the roof.


2:00- Luggage from yesterday finally arrives with one bag missing. 🙁

2:30- Brooks prepares for “the games” by carrying large waters bottles on his shoulders.

4:30- Walked the canal with the sweet kids, staff and Karen. This country is beautiful!!

Family, workteam, visitor walk along the canal

5:30- Jake, Jen and Brooks were dominated by 10 year olds in a mean game of soccer.

6:30- Ate and played with Ti-Luc.

Older kids eating late after afternoon tutoring


Sandra writing in Leica’s homework. She holds the pencil better than other kids.


7:00-Showers and relax time (nothing like bunny and crocodile tan lines from dried paint on skin all day).

9:30- Settling down to the sound of Brooks, David and Julie singing ‘I can only imagine’. Brooks and David hitting high notes. Great end to our day!!

~Sara and Jen and Julie