Another beautiful Sunday service with wonderful singing and a good message from Jim translated by Karen, to believe, repent and obey!

Ready for church


A favorite singing group


Karena with Sandra

We came home to take some group photos and what fun trying to get everyone looking at the same time.  After a while you just give up and take what you can get.  They are all beautiful whether they are looking or day dreaming or sleeping or rubbing eyes or pouting!

At least some are looking in the same direction

Back to more/different/same electrical problems today!  Never a dull moment!

Karen and I had great plans to accomplish lots this afternoon and we got off to a good start then the little generator boss came to fix it and she was needed, next we got all the stuff down to the children’s home and started sorting when the barber came for haircuts for all the boys, then a group from the US who were at the Albert Switzer hospital came to visit and stayed a long time so not much was accomplished.  It is almost our regular bedtime and poor Ti Luc can’t get in his bed yet, there is so much stuff piled all over it.  He will be tired tomorrow.

Jonathan and Jofky showing their new clothes


Modeling new clothes


Haircut time


The crew from HAS with their donations


Adriana from HAS with Jonathan


After a short visit and play time, saying good-bye

Dickie never stopped today from lunch time until a few minutes when he went to shower.  Jim tried to tell him it was a day of rest but Dickie can’t rest when here there is always so much he wants to get done.

I made some “round and round chocolate balls” last night but they were round as we ran out of coconut and we sat in the galley and looked at some old photos of here and the children when they were just babies and reminisced and talked and laughed.

Cold again last night!  Hot again today!

We are anxious for Keith (Keif) and Joan to arrive.  We have been busy getting their house ready for them, getting the last of the students photos and letters done, kids we need for gifts, laundry and whatever else needs doing!

Preparing Keith and Joan’s place for their arrival home

Dickie has been up to no good again! He (stuck with tape) a plastic cockroach to the wall in the kitchen and had both Karen and Germaine going after it with roach spray!

We had Haitian chicken today, we usually eat American chicken but we saw these chicken come home from market, get cleaned and de feathered and cooked.  They were little compared to ours but then the diet is not like ours but mostly cock roaches…yummy!



Our Haitian chicken

Jim, Karen and I spent time in the depot today and made a little headway there.  We found a dress up suitcase and then we quit working and took the suitcase to the devotion room and had all the kids big and little dress up and then march/dance around the compound visiting all the mommies and all the houses and the security.  Jonathan was not interested in anything more than a necklace and he decided to wear me instead and he is like a little hot water bottle. It was a lot of fun!

Checking the bins and organizing the depot




Playing Dressup

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Keith and Joan whose flight was turned back to Miami after 20 minutes in the air.  They are enroute now.

Kieth and Joan arrive at last