Well, it’s our last full day here.  How time has flown!

Yesterday we went for a short canal walk with most of the children in tow.  We walked just a bit further than last time and found a path for the kids to run up and down.  They sure had fun wearing off some of their energy (and do they have a lot of it!)

kids running

This morning, we travelled to St-Marc to experience the grocery store and bank there.  We also made a stop at Digicel for Karen to get some phone cards and at the water store to restock our supply of big jugs of water for the water coolers.  We were pleasantly surprised at the amount of brands we recognized in the grocery store.  The drive to and from was a fairly typical Haitian drive – lots of honking, motos (motorcycles) and tap taps (truck taxis) everywhere, bumps and ruts and general craziness.  Stephen might have some bruises on his leg from Mel’s hand – but oh well!

In the grocery store, we ran into a young man from Ohio who was also here on a missions trip – he was able to visit with Karen as he was looking for information about taking a young Haitian man to the States to share his faith with Christians there for a couple of weeks.

Kids enjoying watching video of themselves on Stephen’s phone

Tonight, we brought out some glow sticks we brought for the kids and had a fun time together playing with those.  It is nice to be able to leave them with a happy memory!  We will miss all of the kids very much.  They have certainly made a lasting impression on us – and we hope we’ve made one on them as well.

Our kids love things that glow


Thank you Mary for sending glow sticks

We know that we will surely be back – God hasn’t told us yet when or for how long, but HATS has worked its way deep into our hearts and we anxiously anticipate returning!  We’ve had such a wonderful reception here from Karen, Luckner, Keith and Joan, the children and the employees on the compound.  We thank God for this experience and, also, those who supported us and made it possible for us to come here. We couldn’t have done it without you! Our lives will never be the same – in the best way possible.  Thank you for praying for us as we travel tomorrow and Sunday and return to Canada.  It’s back to work first thing Monday morning – but life will never be the same!

It is all about the children here at HATS.

Thank you and God bless!

~Stephen and Melissa