Well, the toughest day of the trip is almost over. The last day when we must say goodbye to the staff and goodnight to the children for the last time. It is difficult for all. The children will be missed so much and we hope they will miss us too for a while. It has been absolutely wonderful to be able to make such deep connections in the short space of 2 weeks. Although we all wanted to get to know the kids as fast as possible it was the kids who dictated the pace. In that same short space all the kids made their own connection with all of us. Believe it or not each member of the team made that same connection to each other member of the team. It all added up to a wonderful experience. Let us reflect in photos, we hope you enjoy them.

Flag raising on our last day


The new drive gets completed

A final play time

Last visit and meal with Luckner
A final shot with all the kids
Saying goodbye to kids
…and staff
3 of our favorite people but only 1 goes home with us
and finally a quiz for Dickie..What’s wrong with this picture
We enjoyed our stay, hope we made a difference in some small way and Lord willing will return to do it all over again. God bless you all and thank you for your interest and support.
~Sandra & Team Huxter 2011