We had a fun birthday party.   The highlight of the party food was a big mango for everyone.  The mangos are not yet ready in this area so mangos are a huge treat right now.

Birthday girl Sandra


Mangos for Sandra’s birthday party


Mango birthday feast


Mango juice everywhere


Happy Birthday Sandra


Sandra likes her birthday gift

Those of you who follow the blog know that my kids love to be outside the compound with their mama and love to climb trees.  Sometimes it is nice to leave with just the two older girls, Leica and Djemima.  They love it because they have mama Karen’s undivided attention.  We talk, laugh and have an English lesson together.  The girls like to climb trees just as the boys do and do it quite well.

Two precious girls

We go through a lot of food at our school.  The kids filled the truck and off we went to store it elsewhere so two cases can be cooked every morning.  Keith, this is another of many ways you are missed.  We are all waiting for you and Joan to join us.

Food for school loaded to be taken to front storage

April fools.   I am known as a prankster.  When in Canada I almost always pulled some things  on April 1st.  I have done some things here, but not on April 1st, and mostly to visitors.  When message chatting with friend Heidi last night about April Fools Day I decided to do something this morning to Ti Luc and Germaine.  I knew that by doing something to Ti Luc it would be doing it to Germaine too.  They both love the pranks that happen here when Dickie is with us.  Ti Luc is getting good at it and he still tells people that he is Dickie’s accomplice.

When Germaine opened the jar of peanut butter to feed Ti Luc this morning she found what looked like bugs mixed with the peanut butter.   It was actually black raisins. Ti Luc saw it and ran away.

Ti Luc needed to use the bathroom and so I helped him sit down.  Germaine was there too.  Ti Luc quickly stood up with a very puzzled look and said “problem, problem, something is stuck to my bum.”  He and Germaine laughed so much over the plastic wrap on the toilet.

Germaine was putting his uniform shorts on him but could not get his legs to go in.  Germaine asked Ti Luc to try harder and said if he was playing a game to stop as he might be late.  After several tries Germaine took the shorts off to investigate as she started to suspect something.   When she discovered the legs were sown together she and Ti Luc laughed so hard they fell on Ti Luc’s bed.

These uniform shorts will not go on..


Ti Luc then wondered about his uniform shirt.  It was hanging on ahanger in his closet and Germaine checked and told him the shirt had nothing done to it.  It didn’t either to the sleeve that was in front.  She took it down and got Ti Luc’s one arm in the sleeve, not easy to do a lot of the time, and proceeded to try put the second arm in.  No way.  It was blocked.   Again gales of laughter from both of them.

Removing thread from sleeve

Germaine kept saying “Dickie is here this morning.  Dickie is here.  When did he arrive from Canada?”  Dickie you have a reputation here so I told them to blame you for everything.   That works well for me.

Again from the bottom of our hearts – thank you for everything that you have done, are doing, and will continue to do for the children in our area of Haiti.