Just a note to let you know that Ti Luc is better and Brazil is still winning – in case you did not know that.

Ti Luc is again back to his happy self – being a joy to his mama and many others. Thank you, God.

Today the big world cup soccer game was on at 1:30 between “THE REAL TEAM” – BRAZIL and Chile. I invited all the workers – construction and regulars – into my house to watch Brazil beat Chile. And that is exactly what we watched. Ti Luc went nuts every time there was a goal. He was so much fun to watch. Friday he was too sick to even put on his Brazil shirt or care less. Today he was back in fine form letting us all know who he was cheering for.

Work continued today, around the soccer game, on repairing the cement block fence of the mission. We are well over half way there.

A few of you have asked what happened with the stove that had the glass cover explode all over me and my house. I keep forgetting to do a followup. The store in PAP exchanged it for us awhile back. They were shocked about what happened but gave us another. This one works beautifully and no explosions. I was without a working fridge for over a month until I could stand it no longer. Today I took a photo of Martha happily using the new stove and the new fridge. Thanks to all who have helped these things become a reality.

That’s it for today folks. Tune in again later in the week.

God bless you all.