Our return trip to Haiti was uneventful.  Going through Immigration in Canada was so easy compared to in Haiti when we were leaving.  We were treated with respect there which was awesome and greatly appreciated.

Papa Luckner, Daniel and Vladimy were waiting for us outside the airport in Port au Prince.  Luckner had picked up Vladimy at the hospital a couple of hours earlier.  It was good to be able to return home to the mission with Vladimy as well.

Ti Luc returning to Port Au Prince

Ti Luc was very warmly welcomed back home by children and the employees that were on duty.

Just arrived home from Canada


Germaine and Ti Luc happy to be together again

The next morning all the employees gave him a royal welcome home.

Reunited with HATS family

We arrived home to no internet for Mama Karen.  No contact with Canada is not fun.  Yesterday, Monday, Beate and group arrived for a week.  This afternoon our internet service was restored.  Thank you God.

We arrived home just in time for Father’s Day in Haiti.

Father’s Day.


Father’s Day 2

JJ, Moise, Djemima and Leica made a cake for Papa Luckner for Father’s Day on Sunday as well as a birthday cake for our friend, Veronique, who celebrated a birthday on the weekend and visited us again along with Valerie.

Baking for Papa Luckner and for Veronique


ready to enjoy birthday cake.


Veronique’s birthday


birthday water fight

All the children were glad to have Ti Luc and Mama back home.  Magdala kept wanting to show that she could ride ‘the moto’.  Ti Fi was looking great with her new hair do and kept wanting more photos taken with her siblings.

Motorcycle mama


Ti Fi with her two big brothers

We had a very enjoyable two weeks in Canada.  It was difficult to leave but it was good to be back with all the children.   Thank you to everyone who helped make our time there fun and memorable.

~Karen and Ti Luc