The continuation of Ti Luc’s time in eastern Canada continues and is coming to a close. Ti Luc loved every minute of his time in Newfoundland and did not want to leave. The plane ride from Deer Lake to Halifax showed a sad boy, with tears being shed, and the words “I don’t understand Mama. Why we have to leave?” His spirits picked up when I mentioned seeing Dickie and Sandra and family, and members of our HATS family. But then, “We go back to Newfoundland after Yarmouth!!!” Right Mama!

Very sad about having to leave Newfoundland

He is loving his time in Yarmouth with our family, Sandra, Dickie, Blair, Danielle, Molly, Lexi, Cliffy and Ellie. He is enjoying time with various members of our HATS family, which included a Haiti get-together for HATS people at the home of our own Bob The Builder and Linda’s house.

Dickie has love and patience for nephew Ti Luc & grandson Cliffy


Do you need me to explain it one more time Uncle Dickie


Enjoying time with pretty cousin Lexi


Fun cousin time on the beach


Love spending  time with my Auntie Sandra in Canada.  This is really nice


Sunday morning with sweet cousin Molly

This morning, Thursday, I thought it wise to talk quietly with him about the very few days we have left in Canada. I explained we would be driving to Halifax after church on Sunday with Nicki and Mike, who are coming to HATS later this year to help for approx three months, and Nicki and Mike would be driving us to airport Monday morning. His response “That good they come to help but I not there. I not go back Mama. I go back to Newfoundland and you too.”

With HATS own  beautiful Jocelyn


Hard day of work for Brian De & Ti Luc on Labour Day


Ti Luc working with Ed in the construction business


An awesome way to finish a superb HATS get-together at the lovely home of Bob and Linda


HATS’ Bob The Builder at a Haiti party hosted by he and Linda


Love you and Will Dr Laurie


Party hugs with Maria


Receiving love from Brian De, Ron (Won) and Louise (Weesie)


So glad HATS Cory came to see us

It seems I had better do a lot more quiet time chatting with our boy.

I know we are missed. I know Luckner is overworked big time. I know we are greatly needed back there. I also know that this five weeks has been of major importance to both Ti Luc and I. I thank God for this break and for the kindness and support from every person in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

Thank you. God bless you all.

~Karen and Ti Luc