Keith here again. Apparently Karen is on a blog sit down strike.

Yeah it’s Saturday! I love Saturdays. It’s another beautiful sunny and hot day. It is about 37 C and humid. I guess rainy season is officially over. The kids were all up early as usual and playing in the yard. Karen is working in the office again and I started the day by feeding my new MANGO addiction for breakfast.

This morning’s project was the roof at the school. There is a huge mango tree at the back of the building and the branches overhang the school. The kids throw huge rocks at the mangoes to knock them down so the roof of the school is covered in branches, leaves and rocks. I spent a couple of hours cleaning off the roof and then started repairs. Some of the nails are loose and I tar patched the nail holes and rusted sections. My intention was to finish by noon but then I got into the shade and kept going. I am a hurting unit now but the old section is done. “Good job Poppa!”

Working too hard in the heat still

Karen spent the morning between interruptions in the office working on the books. The board of directors will be so proud.

While we were working the older kids did their Saturday morning chores; laundry, cleaning rooms, sweeping house and picking up in the yard. Then it was play time. There were 3 or 4 different pockets of children all over the compound playing different games in the shade. By and large they played remarkably well, some arguing, some tears, and obviously some kids are the bosses but fascinating to observe and they had fun.

Thought the new steps were for easy entrance for Ti Luc. Kids have claimed them


Jofky and a sleepy Jonathan during playtime


More play time in the yard

It’s party time!

It’s time for Ti Luc and Karena to have their birthday party. Karena just turned 5 and Ti Luc 8. We all gathered in the courtyard and sang Happy Birthday. Then there were the gifts…. Very exciting. Then Karen had treats for everyone; apples, oranges, cookies, cake, pop, bubbles, glow bracelets and balloons. And or course games; musical chairs and races.

Birthday kids Ti Luc and Karena


Party time


They like playing Musical Chairs


Some kids look tired. Time for more party sweets

I am not sure how the kids slept after the excitement and sugar high but I slept like a baby!