Our trip from Haiti to Newfoundland was smooth and uneventful this time for which we are very thankful.   We had an overnight visit with HATS’ own Keif and Jon in Montreal where Ti Luc was blessed and thrilled with a ride on motorbike with Keith.  The next morning we were off to Newfoundland with a short time in Halifax airport enroute during which we were blessed with a visit from our friend Tim.

Motorbike ride with Keith


Halifax airport visit with friend Tim

Ti Luc was as excited and keyed up as Mama Karen when we landed in Deer Lake.  Feet on the best land in the world, back on the rock once more where Mama Karen’s heart lies daily – caused wet eyes and a lot of thankfulness.  We were met at Deer Lake airport by Ti Luc’s godfather, who is also his uncle Ken, and his cousin Penny from Deer lake.  Put luggage in Ken’s vehicle and the three of us headed for Springdale – for ‘home’.   We arrived at the homestead, where we five kids grew up, to a surprise – a ‘welcome to Newfoundland Ti Luc’ party by the Springdale team who come regularly to Haiti.  What a welcome – what a fantastic party.  What a great bunch of people.

Welcome to your Nfld home Ti Luc


Welcome home to Karen

I really wanted Ti Luc to see an iceberg and a moose while here.  Often it does not happen.  The morning after our arrival Don came for Ti Luc and I to say there was an iceberg in King’s Point.  Off we go and yes upon arrival there was an iceberg.  Mama Karen too was delighted to see this.  On our way back to Springdale we saw a moose.  Wow, and it was only the first morning on the island for Ti Luc.

Ti Luc saw an iceberg and a moose

The same morning Ti Luc quickly formed a special relationship with another Don, Emma’s husband. Don is a soccer coach and Ti Luc loved kicking the ball with him and surprising him with some of his fancy moves.  He also enjoyed time at Uncle’s Bobby and Aunt Elaine’s house, i.e. the old homestead, where we are very happily staying and giving God thanks constantly that we can do so.  How many ‘older lady’ mothers with a 9-year-old son can return to her home town and stay in the very same house where she grew up, thus being able to really share her childhood home and memories with the child.   A huge thank you and bouquet to Bob and Elaine for fixing the house up so beautifully and making us so very welcome there complete with everything we need.

soccer with the soccer man


Ready to mow for Uncle Bobby

Ti Luc has had a special relationship for some time with his ‘buddy’ Todd.  Todd invited us to go out on his boat and also do some cod fishing.  On Friday evening Ti Luc and Mama Karen, Uncle Don, and Emma and Don joined Todd on his boat.  Wow, wow and wow does not cover it.  What an awesome and special few hours on the water.  Todd allowed Ti Luc to drive the boat, which he delighted in doing – with his feet of course.  Between us we caught the daily limit of cod and spent a most enjoyable few hours.  Does it get any better this side of heaven?

Captain of the seas


Newfie & Newfie Eskimo cod fishing


Some of our catch

Saturday saw Ti Luc enjoying time with cousins he met for the first time, Don and Lila’s gorgeous grandkids, Brett, James, and Sophie, who came to Springdale for the day with their Mama Krista and Papa Craig. Soccer in Don’s backyard, a barbeque and a lot of family fun.  This family time was enhanced by a visit from my gorgeous niece Jess, who Ti Luc has loved for quite some time, and her father, the ‘Bless The Lord O My Soul’ alarm clock for HATS, Dave Buckle, and his wonderful wife, Carolyn.  Family time spent together is something Mama Karen misses so greatly and Ti Luc has come to love so very much in Canada.

Soccer with cousins Brett, James and Sophie


Great to see family member, Jess

Sunday morning saw us attending Karen’s church in Springdale – the community church of 135 Main.   It was an awesome and uplifting worship time which was followed by us being invited to lunch and being fed a most delicious meal by friends of the same church.  After the worship finished this morning Ti Luc quickly moved towards the front where he saw a lot of fantastic musical instruments.  He sat on and started playing a box drum.  Clint quickly picked back up his guitar and started playing and Ti Luc accompanied him on the drum.  He had a great rhythm thing going on and he was loving every minute of it.

Playing Box Drum with worship leader, Clint

Are we happy to be in my home town of Springdale in Newfoundland?  You bet we are.  Ti Luc is as happy as his mama is to be here.  I am ‘home’ and going to savour and enjoy every minute we have here.

You can take Karen from the bay but you can’t take the bay from Karen

Thank you everyone for all your love, kindness, encouragement and support.  It means a great deal to both of us.

May God bless you all.
~Karen and Ti Luc