Actually, Emma and Shirley were DEZOD (misbehaving) and have been sent home. They were quickly replaced by Gert and Liz. The HATS director, Karen Huxter, also guilty of DEZOD has been replaced by Blanche. All is at Peace (for now).

Our Morning began Bright and Early. Gert went to wake up Ti Luc. He looked so comfy she decided to Lay down beside him. Not for long though. Mama Blanche peeked in and they were told to get their lazy bones out of bed. Always time for a photo op though.

In bed with Ti Luc

As Germaine, our awesome cook, was preparing breakfast, Gert took her turn feeding Ti Luc his breakfast. She thought she would be feeding him but it seemed he had other plans. As she attempted to feed him, he said, “No, I will feed you! “ As many of you know, this remarkable boy has minimal use of his hands but his feet are an amazing tool of independence.  Feeding himself or anyone else we had never seen. Gert was told to place the spoon on the floor as she held the bowl of food. Ti Luc picked up the spoon with his foot and dipped it in the yummy banana peanut butter and nutella breakfast. She lowered her head to assist.  “Sit up straight , he said”. Since she always does what she’s  told and much to her delight he lifted the spoon to her lips and fed her. Wow!  How can you say excited!

Emma being fed by Ti Luc

That was only the beginning of our excitement! After the team had finished a delicious breakfast of pineapple , banana, mango and Haitian porridge, Madam DG said she had an announcement to make. We all straightened up, ready for the talk. Ti Luc was summoned and madam questioned him about his behavior since the team from Springdale arrived. Did he think he had been a good boy? Of course he said yes! She then showed him a map of Canada and asked what it was.  He quickly responded “Canada”.  She then showed him his recently acquired passport and Canadian visitors visa. His eyes became like saucers. After hearing Mama promise this for many years it had finally become reality!! He will finally be going on a trip to Canada in June to visit his family in Calgary and Kelowna and to Newfoundland and NS in August to visit family and friends there. Happy dance time!! Congratulations Ti Luc!!

Ti Luc with passport

How much more excitement can a day hold? After sharing devotions with the students we continued our painting at the new church. Church benches were also included.

Heather painting

Did we say it was hot? Hot enough to make a pig screech!!! We finish painting in the blistering heat and take a short break for a cool drink. Lacee, Liz (aka Shirley) and Heather head over to the school to meet their new sponsor children as Jenny and Todd repair some broken drums for the Sunday worship service. Gert and Flash head to the office for a short pow wow. We stop for a nutritious lunch before meeting with our sponsor children. This is a very emotional time for all of us who have sponsor children. They are invited over to the compound to meet their sponsors and presented with a gift. Gifts from sponsors in the Springdale, NL area have been brought with us and are distributed to their students as well.  To see the love and joy on their faces as they open their gifts would make even the hardest of hearts melt.  These are the lucky ones. They have been sponsored by folks like you and me who are interested in making a difference in a childs life. An education, a hot meal , a nutritional drink every day and school uniforms. They ask for little else. Since our arrival on May 23rd our team has acquired 12 or more sponsors for children to the HATS school program. Hats off to this awesome team!!!

Sponsor child

Now it’s on to our Feeding the Families Preparation. Money has been donated to supply rice, beans, cornmeal and oil to families in the area. Twelve Haitian cups – gode it is called here – (overflowing) of rice, six cups each of beans and cornmeal and a jug of cooking oil will help feed a family of four for a week.  In the next few days we will accept the families into the compound to receive their food package. Wait!!! Some are already arriving to pick up food!

food for families

Did we say it was HOT???  We take a short break (LOL) to play with the children. As we watch the housemothers do most all laundry by hand (whitest whites we have ever seen) iron every item of clothing, grind every bean and help care for the children we realize how fortunate and dare I say spoiled we are in our own lives.  This experience makes one appreciate the little things. A smile, a hug and a thank you are so genuine here. We know there are those who “expect” but many more know that what is done for them would not be possible without us “Blancs” (whites) as we are called. In this country if you don’t work then you don’t eat. It’s very visible. We know charity begins at home but we are very blessed to be able to share some of our wealth with others. Liz says we have to close now because we ran out of paper.

Good night and God Bless!  You should see the relief on the face of my blogging partner Liz as she realizes we don’t  have to blog anymore!!! Not that she did much anyway!!!! Guess I had better run!!! HEEEEELP!





~Emma & Shirley