Today was quite the day. Ti Luc and I woke up feeling a little sluggish. He stayed home from school, and I took ANOTHER afternoon nap – can you believe it?! Ha.

Not feeling well today.


Ti Luc ill.  Barb praying for him.

I spent some good hours creating an Excel spreadsheet of all the school kids and their sponsors to get Karen ready for Monday’s big pow wow, which is the taking of photos of all the kids so their profiles can be sent to their awesome sponsor families. Karen’s daughter arrives on Sunday to help her with all of this. I’ve been sponsoring a kid through World Vision since I was a teen, and I’ve always received little updates – it’s cool to now see the behind-the-scenes process of it all. This
organization is legitimate.

Karen has computer help.  Might just tie her on to the chair.

Barbara has been the house nurse today. She put cold compresses on Ti Luc’s body to alleviate his fever. She used some ice cubes even, and was happy to see that Ti Luc had good spirits and made a game out of it. She also kept refilling my water as I worked, has changed my band-aid on my arm two times already (yup, I burnt myself with a hot iron!), and apparently she even e-mailed some people to pray for my feeling under the weather (I’m fine, guys!)… (yah right guys//:)..barb here-LOL.

Barb taking good care of the sick today

We played again with the kids tonight. They called me, “Musicienne” and asked if I’d go get my guitalele again. So, off I went, and we joined for some songs. They asked if I could sing I Believe I Can Fly from…get ready for it…SPACE JAM! Oh man, it’s been a while, eh?! I’ll look it up for tomorrow…

Sing along with the lady with the voice of an angel

Barbara had a friend visit from YFC Haiti who will take us up to the mountains on Monday. We will be able to give out some of the stuff we brought to people that are very hungry and in need.

We’re back at the main house of the compound now, reflecting on the day.

It’s been a whirlwind so far, being here. If you wanted, you could work all the time. It seems to be what Karen does. She has more than a handful with her kids and the school, but then there’s the rest of the country… I’ve loved hearing about how she’s learned to be tough and honest with her Haitian workers and all the people. Love is kind and gracious…but love is also just.

I think it takes a lot of faith to be out here and remain filled with joy. If you don’t trust that God is at work, that God is doing a new thing, you might get sad or numb. If you don’t see God in the smiles and giggles of the children, then you might become resigned…

But we carry on! Greetings and love from HATS Haiti. 🙂