Anytime after a team leaves there is a bit of a letdown and re-programming to get back in the routine. Team Texas did a fantastic job with the inverter shed roof, the new storage cupboard, the water tank shut off, the painting but most importantly the support and time spent with the kids and Karen.

They left a void!!!

Here are some pics of what Team Texas missed this week after they left for home:

Praying with Mama before school


Jofki gets 20 to life for looking so good


Tifi loves the tire swing – ALONE


Yea, the animals and colouring books are coming


Doctor Joan with patients Magdala and Jonathan


Markensen and Jonathan hanging out


The HATS kids pose with the Referee before the soccer game with Team Texas


Lookout… Karen has been cleared for TakeOff and she is on the warpath. Time to hide…..